Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
What's Going On!


                                   WHAT’S GOING ON

Hi friends what is going on out there? How many have visited our web site?

Send me some e-mails let’s talk about what is going on in many areas.

We are at a critic but awesome time in our lives we have reached the senior hood. I do know many of us want no part of anything concerning seniors unless it can be done in the dark or unknown to others. I often say how a human being can be ashamed of the great blessing of teaching the senior hood. Time does take of all. There aren’t too many ways to hide in the senior hood. If you still look and behave like a 30 yr old great for you, but friends senior hood is still there, this is a subject that needs to be talked about more. I have people making fn of the lady that fell on TV. the man with the broken cane and didn’t realize it, the women gasping knowing she was still trying hard to get some. An untaught child, or an ignorant adult it is a joke but another senior it is shameful. When you reach this stage in life you can be beaming with health one day and sick the next minute. We must stop and respect every ones health conditions. Talk to friends and family and get an account on own they feel about this topic. We need to try harder to support each other in what we have to do and what we do. As long as the duties of a senior are upright, clean, unselfish, helpful to self and others. We are the last generation and helping to prepare the ones to follow seems to be a hard task. Your grand and great grand children need you more than you realize for guidance me to the future with more self respect and practice being leaders in their lives and stop being followers. It is great when you follow for good reasons and intentions any other reasons should be looked into well before starting the journey. I know we as seniors have a lot of input and knowledge to pass on

To the coming generation if the would just listen. Pass experiences allows this for most.

Sitting back a gossiping about the horrible tings taking place and how they are being handled will not help to change anything wrong. We cannot win the war against what is going on alone or even with an army but prayer is still allowed