Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
What Seniors Need




                                          What Seniors Need



I am coming from a personal outlook on this topic  We need to band closer as seniors to recognize good information, read and follow information that is continuing to our lives, stop separating the rich, middle class and poor, we are all seniors, we need to help others in a financial way if able with out looking back. These things I do not see very much and to me it is quite sad. What does the younger or even middle age care about us old biddies? Everything containing to bad health, not being able to do anything, crutches, wheel chairs, and oxygen tanks are directed to the elderly. Yes there are younger people that are sick with diabetes, cardio, high blood and even gout along with the cousin arthritis, but friends who do they point out the senior.


In knowing this, answer me why we don’t take advantage of information even if you compare with your health team and it is found to be negative we as people do not have the habit of sharing. To be a selfish person is to be a sad one. In order for the senior hood to be aboard with good information in areas of health we must first remove the unnecessary hate, jealousy, and selfishness from our lives. We must always remember there isn’t anything we can hide, god knows all.


Keep the solid, and needed information lowing and leave the negativity out.


Join the seniorhood and buy senior books on this web site thanks.