Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
What is good for you?




                                         What is good for you?????


We must remember every delicious, well arranged food we see is not the food for our choices. If you re a senior that has no problems or conditions related to foods enjoy what you like, but not to the point that in time you will have made it possible to have health food conditions, because you went over board. I will be the first one to say that the majority of our health conditions are from a very long time ago that just grew and grew with our poor eating habits. Knowing what is best for you is all you have to stay on the road to better health.


Yes most of us will say time in and time again, the most important thing is to no when you have done this and get back quickly to where you are suppose to be. We are human and as humans we will fail as we struggle along the way, getting back in the race are what are important to me. Use what god has given you, in survival for life, use it daily and don’t ignore any what it will take to keep you in that special zone for your life style. Stop listening and following friends and family when you know it is a wrong lead.  Always know or keep trying to know what is best for you. Loving our families and friends doesn’t put up a sign I am a follower not a leader. Let them fix, eat, anything of their choice, if the love is right they will also prepare foods that you also can enjoy when you are paying a visit. This is why not discussing your health conditions are not a good choice concerning your love ones, believe me they can and will help.


What is good and right for me may just not be right for you. Continue to discuss your desires and any changes with your health leaders; we must note our own leaders in health. Remember friends having your own God given opinions are no harm as long as you don’t play the part of the DOCTOR.