Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
What Do They Mean???


                          What do they mean???



We have many terms and words used in the connection of foods and health. How many of us really know what they mean and how they effect our well being? If you had not worked in fitness or nutrition you will overlook a lot of things. If you have no food related health conditions you will also fall into this category. Friends keep your eyes open and ask questions. My understanding is a work in progress and I have back round in nutrition. I feel I can put you on the correct track in understanding what you are reading. This web site is my way to share, yes and promote books, but I could easily do that with out this.


Stay focused on any wording that connects to your health and well being. You have the right to know what every single word means when it concerns our health. Illnesses and food are partners in the tools to get well. I am interested in the nutritional side, but like anything that is close some of the others side will come in at certain times. I am a diabetic, to talk about my condition in a true and honest way something medical will arise. Become familiar in what you are dealing with. The following are words I have been asked my understanding on. It is important to understand the compounds that help to make up an nutrient.


We constantly must eat healthy foods and a variety daily this can not be said enough. Stop falling in love with a food or group and never pulling other foods in. If you have a food related health condition this is the web site for you.


Carotenoids  Are pigments found in plants that gives us the yellows, reds, and orange colors in veggies and fruits. There are over 4000 carotenoids. All different, the name beta-carotene is one and real powerful.

Apricots is a excellent fruit to put in this category, vitamin A, beta-carotene if it is canned, fresh, dry all three are good sources of carotenoids. Watch out for bright colors of yellow or orange. Remember every veggie or fruit green doesn't always turn another color.

Great antioxidants present.


Flaxseed- How much we know about this seed. It has been used in making paints, flax was  a fiber at one time, This is a new day and research has proven that this seed is healthy the seed has a sweetness, and a nutty taste. Flaxseed is high in a compound ca;lled lignans, most plant foods carry this compound flaxseed is the king. This seed contains omega 3 not the same kind of fish contains. Try springling some seeds into your next meat loaf, creamy chesses such as ricotta, cottage cheese a toss salad would welcome some. Grind some up for that next bread you make. Healthy, and will make you happy.


Omega 3, Omega 6-Yes there is a big difference in the two. Processed foods offer omega 6 fatty acids, fish and certain seafood offer omega 3.

Ask your medical team which is best for you. Reserchers state one of omega 3 puposes is to prevent blood clotting, opps, let me back up thats for the medical team. I am on a regimen of omega three and I well understand the reason, be sure you do also.


Fiber- Fiber of course are in grains and veggies, fruits. If you have a choice between a handful of berries or a bowl of grains, make your choice berries. The reason is that the fruit will give you additional vitamins, minerals along with fiber. Strawberries are awesome in vitamin C and blueberries are super in resveratrol as a powerful antioxidant.


Flavonoids - These are plant pigments. They are crystal like substances. They help also to give reds and yellows in veggies and fruit somewhat like carotenoids. As you read and understand more you will see how one compound can be in a variety of foods, and offer the same good nutrients. Foods that are healthy work as a symphony with each other for the good of keeping us healthy.


Free radicals — these enemies enter our bodies 24-7 day after day. No we can't see them believe they are always around. Some have all kinds of names for them it doesn't matter to me what something bad is called individually, if it is harmful or shouldn't be there I rather have one name for all, bad radicals. The job of the radicals are described on another of my web pages, just go back a little you will find it.


  Enzymes- Let's take milk or dairy products in the elderly. Some elderly don't produce enough of enzymes to digest the sugar in milk and dairy products. This can be a big reason why we suffer with gas frequently when we eat from this group. Any undigested food or certain liquids can cause gas. Enzymes are another health partner. See how the medical had to be announced in order for you to understand more clearly what is going on.


As a writer I don't believe every bridge needs to be crossed to get a point across. If the point is essential to what I am trying to get across and the information is surrounded around me ad my sicknesses I will go across the bridge. No one knows how you feel more than me.