Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Try Soy for Health and Good Eating




                                   Try Soy for Health and Good Eating


So many good things have come from this healthy bean. Soy is for everybody, not just "the ones" that don't eat meats. This food doesn't contain cholesterol, or saturated fats. It does contain calcium, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B, polyunsaturated fats, iron and an excellent source of protein. Tell me how much nutrition can you get? The soybean is rich in is flavones which is the compound responsible for all the goodness soy carries.


The following is some information that can be a plus for you to know.


A ½ cup roasted soy nuts gives -12 to 15 grams of protein


One plain soy cup milk=10 grams protein


Tofu 4 ounces offer 13 grams of protein


If you have a problem in getting enough of protein in your daily diet this is a great way to get it.

I find soy products to have a pleasant taste, and can be doctored up with many other pleasant tasty foods. Eating gourmet styles or marbled steaks, stuffed duck with rich sauces, baked ham with heavy glaze is great for those that can tolerate it. Most of us are in the health condition we are in because of the above traditional eating. We as seniors with conditions  that foods are strongly involved, we need to wake up, and sit straight up and realize the rich way is not our way. Food can be made to have that mellow rich taste, just by taking the time and interest. There is berry shortcake in my recipe meal planning book that is good as any other, what makes it healthy the foods used are not weighed down with sugars, fats and sodium. The same steps can be made for desserts using soy products, entrees, sandwiches and soups.


Soy products come in a good varieties-tofu, soy milk, tempeh, soy chesses, nuts, veggie burgers, hot dogs, yogurt, tofu is bland, but will pick up any flavor you cooperate it with.

I found out that once I became  depended on eating the best way for me, that the fancy foods, heavy creams, butter, tons of sugar in one cake or pie, the daily 3 times a day eating over 3 ounces of meat each time was not for me any more, if I wanted to sub stain my life.


Foods are being constantly introduce to the senior hood that many, I mean many should be looking the other way. Those that have the will to do it right stand out in the crowd, the rest will just be swallowed up in the continuation of eating the foods that are adding to their conditions. Don't let what you hear and see cause you to continue to eat improperly. We are not the next generation we are the generation on our last climb. Listen to sound and safe and most of the time true information for your better health.


Don't let the simple thing as foods cause your pressure to rise, your feet and legs to swell, your kidneys, and other organs to disfunction because you wouldn't say no to that often eaten roast/gravy, macaroni cheese, cakes, pies, cookies, salty snacks, and so many other foods we have always enjoyed. We can still have eat well with tasty desserts, and flavor able familiar foods; I showed how it can be done in my recipe books. Try including soy in your meal plans, you will not be sorry.


We must stop bending the opposite way of right because of the truth that is given, you only hurt you. I know the rest of my life weight problems and a few other conditions will always be there, but friends it will never keep me from continue to do my best for better health.

Give soy a chance and a plus for better health for you.


Try the stir fry using soy in my recipe and meal planning boo