Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
THe Leaves are Changing



                                                        BRING OUT THE SPIRIT

                                                        OF AUTUMN

Yes the leaves has started to fall, weather changes all in the many warnings that it is coming soon or here already smile. Pray your summer was awesome in every way. Hope you’ll are keeping up with my last books wrote. Gout, Diabetes and Kidney Failure, and Eggs Galore and More all can be found on amazon.com and other book locations on line.

 I saw the most gorgeous leaves and branches making the words October seem very cozy and ready.

Do you remember rolling in the leaves, all crunchy and yet warm when you were kids? I do and clearly. I live in an area that has a large green park and many trees growing where ever the please. What a crisp and cozy feeling when outside.  So grateful our children and our grandson where and still are able to enjoy the warmth of nature.

Be sure to start getting prepared for the HAWK (cold weather) we old timers call it smile.

Today I want to leave with you’ll some healthy happy recipes enjoy round about now.




4- cans of apricots

1 large apple

½ cup stewed prunes

¼  cup pineapple juice

¼ cup brewed strong tea


Use whatever sweetener allowed. Purchase fruits packed in water, or natural juice. Combine ALL ingredients in small pot, and  let it heat on low until warmed.  It is great with a warm muffin. ENJOY ANYTIME OF THE DAY





½ cup black beans

½ cup navy beans

2 stalks fresh celery

2 large carrots

2 cups fresh kale

1 small onion

3 cups low salt chicken broth

Unsalted all- purpose seasonings

Tsp black pepper

You can use can or dry beans, be sure to soak well before cooking. Canned beans purchase the low sodium style. Wash veggies well before adding to soup pot. Chop and dice where needed.

Add seasoning and broth to pot under medium heat and add ingredients. Cook dry beans in broth separate until almost done then add to veggies. Keep lid on pot when not checking fluid level.

A great healthy and happy quick soup, bring out the crackers low salt tops or no salt tops and enjoy.



Fall  2015


Hello out there!!! another summer disappearing if you follow the month not the weather report smile/ Hope your summer was great mine wasn’t ,but that is ok. God is good and I am able to continue to share with you. I am still pain free from gout and trying hard to get my book out there before 2016. This book I feel will help a lot of us with this painful condition. I am sharing what struggles I have had with gout and still open to more if I don’t stay in my same zone for being pain free. Pick up a copy there is 2 books volume one tells you my stories and a little of different steps the other volume 2 shares with you how I eat fronm the time I started helping my self up tell now. Every word written is non-fiction and full of emotion and thankfulness that I was able to help me. In reading this book it will give many support, and a chance that what steps I took may help you. With your medical team ok.

Remember seniors when you read something I have shared feel free to contact me at any time  thru my site.

The new book that came out in March of this year (Salads Galore) a great book for salad lovers and a few desserts also healthy happy recipes you will enjoy. Remember seniors some of us do have dental issues, don’t let that stop you from salads. Just steam your veggies until done, let cool, finish preparation whatever dressing you use will help to wilt the lettuce if using and, shred your cucumbers and use foods that are soft or can be made soft even if it means steaming those onions and sweet peppers smile.

Getting it healthy as possible is the way.

Take care. Stay well be happy and healthy.