Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Soldiers at war for Health

                                                      Soldiers At War For Your Health 



Most of us can remember war in some way. Although we might have been very young,  we surely read and was told all about these wars. Of course we are right in another war. How many of you understand what free radicals are, and there purpose? The way I will explain to you comprehension will only take you a second. The free radicals are the enemies and the soldiers are the antioxidants. Our bodies have to have protection, and Mother Nature has made this possible.  Like other compounds antioxidants and free radicals are produced in the body. Take the war we are now in, soldiers are called for battle to defend the country, this is exactly what antioxidants do for our cells, defend and protect. When soldiers get hurt or die more is sent in, right!  Ok this procedure takes place until we are secured from all harm. Remember free radicals are the enemies, and they are also fighting hard to destroy, our cells, they can be as tough as our soldiers are their aim is to win the war (to take and destroy our cells) So it is very necessary that we stay alert and have constant reinforcements ready at all times. Antioxidants are found in veggies, and fruits in large amounts. Eating a large variety of fruits and veggies daily is our weapons to fight our war for health. WE NEED PROTECTION AGAINST POSSIBLE DISEASES, AND ILLNESSES.  I used to be picky, not any more, If I had not been choosy many years ago concerning foods, I might not be struggling through food related conditions now smile. Free radicals enter our bodies all day and night, so the more fighting power we have the better for us. Stop skipping around certain foods, it is up to us to make the foods that you pass bye become exciting and tasty. Eggplant, and asparagus was never my choose. Realizing that I needed the nutrients they offered, I made them a part of my meal planning. Take a look around Recipes and meal planning, and healthy, happy, seniors books, I am sure a lot of veggies and fruits you once passed by, you will stop. All my recipes offer plenty of foods giving bundles of antioxidants compounds. Stepping forward is necessary; in order to get the best we can for health. No one is going to sit us down and make funny faces in order for us to eat certain foods; friends those days are long over. Show your young grand children that eating variety of healthy foods is smart and beneficial to them. My grand is 22 years of age, and we tell and show him in the foods we cook.We can destroy free radicals from taking over our bodies just by eating healthy choices of foods daily not just when the mood hits you. You determine how healthy you can be.


The following foods are excellent choices in antioxidant compounds. You're dealing with vitamin C and throw some vitamin E into the pan also. Using healthy cooking oils, and eating more seeds and nuts, also wheat germ can help in getting vitamin E


I will admit these choices are my favorites, although I am still working on the squash, and papaya smile



Good choices-

Broccoli, sweet red peppers, butter nut squash, navel oranges, strawberries, Brussels sprouts.


For more choices e-mail me.