Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw



                               You Eat Snacks Too?    




Hi, for good reasons we need to discuss snacking time. I have found since I have retired I want to snack all the time, and fighting back the desire can be some what irritating at times knowing it is not a good step toward a better health for me.

Although we know all the pros and cons we still will hold the desire this is all I feel to our nature wanting what we should not have no matter what it may be.


We called snacking eating junk foods to our children, now we want to do the same thing. Who doesn't have some kind of cookie jar, candy dish in as many areas in the home as possible? I surely do, I am able to know when to grab a piece and when not to. No I am not going to give the impression I don't desire or eat snacks at time.  Seniors when health dependence is involved we have to keep self control at all times with good judgment.


Untruthfulness to oneself to me is the most depressing knowledge to have. Who is being fooled only you. I am not giving encouragement to eat snacks just own up to it, and helping yourselves can be easier.


I can remember eating a candy bar, all of knows the size of an average candy bar. Then as I got stronger in my control I would eat a miniature candy bar far in-between, only one. In eating smaller amounts of something I enjoy but shouldn't indulge in often has helped me, five miniature pieces is not a cut back, it sums up to the same regular bar you have been eating. If you eat a large amount of any thing small will become big sometime larger than the original amount you are trying to avoid. I found that if you have an allowance or restriction from anything the desire to have it is great, and the only way it isn't because you were never addicted to the foods or the situation or never had the desire to indulge.  


Let's go shopping for snacks, and getting some healthy ones together on our own.

When purchasing snacks, health stores and stores that sell a large assortment of natural whole foods are good stops.


This is my list for store brought snacks:


  • Bag of unsalted / low sugar veggie crisp
  • Bag  peanuts in the shell
  • Sugar free hard candies
  • A small box of a jelly beans in my purse.
  • No salt pretzels

           No salt popcorn


Keep in mind that low salt and no salt is describing two different things. At home I try to make veggies sticks or slices of fresh fruits. Using sugar free preserves to make thin crepe wraps. Dried prunes cooked to a thick sauce placed over other fruits.  Add a few whole grain crackers with some low salt chesses.

There are many ways you can obtain healthy snacks, just remembering too much of a healthy food can be as harmful as the choice of an unhealthy food. Because over heating is one of the most dangerous places we decide to get comfortable at. If we keep portion control up front most of us do well.


Try making a few small lock bags with snacks tto have while out or at home.


Using fresh carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, fresh slice pears, or apples you're your apples in a little lemon juice keeping them white and attractive.


In another small bag put your chips, pretzels. Now you have an assortment of snacks make enough for at least 5 days, this would be 10 small bags, You will be surprise how different you will feel. I eat yogurt often and some time at home a 4 ounce serving yogurt with a small bag of chips goes very well. Use your imagination and make it work for you.


The understanding how sodium works in food is discussed in "The Seniorhood Struggling book, also sugar.

For some of us sugar and bad fats and sodium are red lights for  the rest of our lives, get use to it. We can learn how to manage these things.


Keep in mind a food can be on the level in what you need for nutrition, but watch the servings you eat. Nutritional package facts are for each serving of the product not the whole bag.  A bag of chips show 35mg of sodium. That is for one serving so that bag of chips has 6 servings we consume 215 mg of sodium.


Grab all my books and learn all you can about knowing how to help yourself with health conditions.