Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw

                                                 Low Calorie

                                                Summer Salads



Yes, it is the right time of the year to have the desire for plenty of fresh crispy cool salads. Most of the time we need salads that offer less calories and plenty of nutrients.

The following are some salads that do offer what most of us need. In my recipe books you will find many more and easy to put together as these.



Using a medium bowl, these salads offer enough for 3 servings at the most. When we eat a salad who wants a skimpy salad, not me. Be sure the bowl is cooled. Add to bowl 1 medium cleaned veggies, summer yellow shredded squash, carrots, red onions, eggplant, plump cranberry raisins. Mix all ingredients together and a mixture of 3 tbsp light blue cheese and 1 tbsp light olive oil. Mix well and pr over veggies. Serve on a cool plate over a bed of crisp cleaned lettuce.


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Place in bowl 3 hard boiled egg whites chopped, large cleaned leaf parsley, chopped fine green onions, shredded 2 ounces light low fat cheddar cheese.  Mix well all ingredients. Using 3 pita halves butter inside each one with light mayonnaise, about 1 tablespoon each. Stuff ingredients inside. Make each pouch as even as possible. Let sit and wrapped for at least 10 min. before enjoying. Give dressing and veggies time to incorporate.      

Garnish with a slice avocado.


Blanch 3 cups red shredded red cabbage place in cool bowl with 1 large skinned cleaned cucumber, 1 medium taro root, and diced, cooked chicken 2 cups. Add mixture ranch and French dressing light 2 tbsp each.  Mix all ingredients together are sure cabbage is drained well before adding. Serve over a cool salad plate, garnish with mixed raisin and unsalted nuts.


Eating and enjoying the above salads with self control, and using the condiments and dressings you are to have in your diet regimen, you will get happy, healthy, and great tastes.

Remember friends pick up a copy of my books and read why we must eat with health first and happy is not too far behind.



Plenty of us enjoy an oil with our salads. The following are some, with a little history.

Canola oil-Can be used in place of butter. It does have the less stursted fsts than regular vegetable oils. I enjoy baking my cookies with it.


Safflower oil-A good one to use for stir-frying. Research says that using a moderate amount can lower cholesterol??? Check it out.

Flaxseed oil- Great inn making salad dressings. Get some omega-three also.

I have used all three one time or another in salad preparations, not the same time.


Get those veggies, fruits, and nuts connected with each other in your salads.

Use more meat substitutes in your salads, such as feta cheese, hard bolied egg whites, and other low fat tasty cheeses . Use some healthy fats such as avocado, and nuts. Proteins, is still alive. Did you know that avocado at the correct amount has more potassium tthen your favorite fruit bananas?


I have found that greens can be a big ?? when it comes to salads. Do not let it be.

CONTACT  me and I will give you a run down on the easy way to pick healthy choices.





                                Desserts and Salads



Make sure the refrigerators and cold chests are working well, it is time to get ready new and exciting salads and desserts. Yes spring is close by and ready for you to come with something new in eating. Keep attached to my web site and pick up that copy of recipes and meal planning, and you will be ready for what ever spring needs to stay alive in nutrition.


Take time to read the following.


Ham/Potato Salad

Diced low fat low sodium ham. Fix your favorite potato salad add cubed cooked ham, dice fine red peppers, onions, unsalted seasonings, sweet relish just enough for added flavor, mix with light mayonnaise and French dressing equal parts.


Fresh lean pork can also be used.


Cheese/Fruit Salad

Light cream cheese, can apricots, peaches, figs on cool dry lettuce.


Stuffed Egg/Shrimp/Mussels

Cooked chopped shrimp, mussels, fine chopped red onion, fresh chopped parsley Cucumbers. Mix together with light mayonnaise and ranch dressing.

Stuff into  hard boiled egg shells remove yolks for another day.


Yogurt Storm


Frozen yogurt, sliced banana, cherries, dates. Place in freezer in dessert dishes till ready   to serve.


Chocolate Delightful


Dark chocolate covered peach halves with chopped nuts. Chill before serving.

Add whip cream before serving.


Veggie/Fruit Salad


Mix together in bowl fresh carrots, yellow squash, onions, cored granny green apple, cored pears, raisins.  Add light blue cheese dressing, mix and chill. Serve over romaine cool dry lettuce.


Open the doors to spring with new ideas.