Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Recipes for you

March 2017  

                  DESSERTS CAN BE FOR ALL


Hi!!  My diabetic group what about a chocolate bomb.

Angel food cup cake, low sugar choc, frozen yogurt 1 dip,  and 3 dark choc chips.

Place crumble cake is tall dish, add yogurt

Garnish top with chips.

If you have enough of calories to try it, and foods used are ok by this health condition. Please don’t try it if you have not been counseled on it. Let your dietician be the authority.   ENJOY

Removing and replacing is a large part of my diabetic diet. It takes understanding your food groups completely.

I worked with a patient many years ago it was funny in a way but not rare. He wanted some potatoes  so bad and when he was found out that he had them and wasn’t  supposed to, he said to me in a honest and sincere way, well I didn’t eat my apple or carrots.

I laugh now but then it was serious that he left the hospital knowing the food groups and why they are put in groups. A big clap for my leaders in nutrition patient care (ADA) taught me well and my many experiences all was an awesome plus.



Hello friefsnds, when you read my articles please don’t take hard of me when you read a misspelled word or two smile, after all the days going ye has a mark on all of us AGE.

In my gout new book I did offer some chutney, what happen to it? Well here it is plus even more. I hope you enjoy the way I make this yummy treat.

Berry Chutney

 great with cooked chicken.

Washed fresh berries use your favorite all are mine, place in small pot along with your favorite juice about 8 ounces to ½ cup berries, Add sweetener use a healthy natural sugar substitute). After cooked until real soft add can peaches, pears and cooked celery. Use some of the juices from your fruits for  added flavor.

Apricot and Prune  Mix  (A.M. pick up)

Cook dry prunes in water fresh slice lemon, when water becomes syrupy, add can apricots stir in well and let sit covered. When cooled if not eating place in refrigerator.

This is perfect on hot cereals, or just the way it is. I found no sugar is needed.

If you are unable to cook the prunes, just buy already cooked ones and mix apricots in along with prune or apricot nectar if needed. If you have a low potassium issue this is made for YOU.

Pineapple and Cherry

Use fresh if possible.

Peeled diced pineapples, washed and stem removed fresh cherries (the redder the better). Cook together in pineapple juice, add sweetner,1/2 cup concentrated cherry juice. Cook over medium heat until soft. To thicken use cornstarch just follow the how to on the labeling if you never made cornstarch thickening before.

You have a double treat here if you suffer with GOUT. Other fruits are filled with the component that fights against gout.

Chutney can be used in a few ways I feel are good. With your favorite meats, as a spread on hot breads, over cereals, do like I do I just eat it smile.  

Onions, Celery are often used in chutneys. You will hear this word chutney often with if you were around cooking procedures back in the days (Old School).

Be sure friends follow the diet regimen given to you, don’t stray even when it all looks, smells and you have been told it is gooood!!


November 2016

Hello seniors another month has quickly went by us. I want to update you in as much as I can.  I will soon be able to converse with you and you with me on YouTube. I will inform you when the first topic will be discussed. I am praying that this will give me a much better chance in connecting with you all.

There is a lot of sharing I want to do with the seniorhood we do need each other no matter who you are or where you are we are still going to remain seniors smile. I have made up my mind that my first book should be the door opener Healthy, Happy, Seniors.

Tell lately? I hope some that is good for you and hopefully one of us just might pick up some of the goodness.

Drop by Twitter and read what I am saying and the comments I give and receive. And of course right here where you are visiting now.

Thanksgiving is over try this recipe in the days coming, get some good tasty results from that turkey left over.

Sassy Turkey Potato Soup

Cooked diced turkey



Unsalted all-purpose seasoning

Low salt can or jarred tomatoes

Red uncooked potatoes

Low salt margarine

Low salt chicken stock (at least 32 ounces)

Let tomatoes, onions, celery simmer on low add broth, clean diced potatoes cooking on medium with added seasoning. When potatoes are fork done add cubed turkey.

Enjoy with some other left overs such as those great biscuits.

Take care until the next time and remember

My books for you are alive why not pick up a few for good reading that just might pertain to you, Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles.



This should be a daily task for all of us the ill and the good will smile. Healthy is the topic of today’s society, be the best you can be it is not easy to obtain always just do your best like I do . Start the spring and summer with some awesome, tasty, healthy and new salads you can find them in my Salads Galore and more Book, will make your mouth water just reading the exciting recipes, great conversation is also offered.

Let me start the healthy with some spring recipes just for you my readers.









Always begin with washed  veggies. Cut thin julienne style, use to half to line bottom of slad plate. Mixed chop salmon, and dry ingredients, with mayonnaise and horse relish mixed. Top with the rest of veggies.









Line plate with clean lettuce, add slice meats, egg whites and fruits.

Garnish with slice dates. Use a dressing low in sodium and fats also cholesterol.





‘       ‘       CRABS

‘      “       CLAIMS









Clean well sea foods, remove fish skin if any add to mixing bowl. Place in bowl dry ingredients fold into each other ingredients. Try my signature dressing, mixing together well add to bowl. Fold lightly but well.    Don’t over cook pasta. Garnish with slice oranges.

Enjoy and start your spring eating with a twist of something new and good, holding on to healthy.

Remember friends we have to obey our diet regimens, heart patience keep the sodium, salt cholesterol and bad fats  no or very low.

Renals follow closely all the  no’s  and keep them no’s you still can have happy eating.

Diabetics weight and measures are a large part of your diet, keep the simple sugars away and the complex sugars at a minimum, fats play there bad part also.

This is how it goes out there just keep doing your best along with me

Stay well and pick up my old and new books after all they where written for all of you

Did you pick up the gout book yet??? Stay awhere in what is being offered to you from another SENIOR.