Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw


                                     NEW LABELING


I am hoping the new food labeling in nutrition facts helps many. There are the elderly that shop for foods and the labeling is more misunderstanding when you don’t understand thoroughly what you are looking for. Know what the different abbreviations mean (mg, g and others. More of you should pick of my senior hood book it explains very simple a host of misunderstood information in weights and measures. No one can do a good job in meal planning or following diet regimen if you don’t understand the fundamentals. If you are on a low sodium diet and suppose to keep in the range of 2000mg sodium a day what would be your most important thing when shopping?? (To purchase foods low in sodium, if you don’t know what milligrams represent how would you choose item?? Most go by the amount of sodium on the package staying under 2000mg. If you eat one serving of the food and it is 75 mg you can’t to eat over that serving and be sure other foods eaten are very low. The 200mg sodium you are to have is for the whole day. It doesn’t take much to get to this amount in one meal since foods have natural sodium in them fresh also; my book explains all and gives examples.


Remember each serving has the appointed amount given in fats, sodium, calories, not the whole package.