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July 2018 web

                                           KNOW YOUR FOODS


Hi out there we must know as much as possible concerning the foods we eat. Do not just eat and say it is good, learn as much as you can before you sit to enjoy smile. You hear, now more than ever, words that connect to foods you never heard before.

Students coming out of schools and must show their learned things. Surely acceptable by me, all this to me is learning. As they have been taught we must grab and learn from it maybe to even a taller wall of education. Millions of seniors are still around all over the world and capable to still comprehend, do so then.

You hear the word CRUCIFEROUS VEGGIES all the time, who are members of this family? Well friends I will tell you.  Cabbage , arugula, bok choy, broccoli, kale, collards, mustard greens, watercress, radishes, rutabaga, and turnip greens are great fighters against colon and rectal cancer, how many of you knew this??



They are the main fats in foods, big friends to cholesterol in which you have heard

This name often. Both are risk for heart disease. Triglycerides  levels are  inversely related to cholesterol levels. Next Doctors visit tell him I would like to know more about the above fats, simple request.



Knowing and able to choose foods with good nutrients. If you know as much as possible concerning any food, you will pick the best. If you have health conditions related to what you eat, this major for to eat the best nutrient foods you are allowed. Many of us have restrictions so always follow them such as SODIUM, FLUIDS, CERTAIN FRUITS and VEGGIES even DAIRY FOODS, SUGARS and more the idea is this is not rare millions are going through this, just follow the correct road given and all can be good.

What happens when a train go off the track or car off the road a CRASH.

Eat breakfast each AM do not skip meals if possible unless directed by Medical team for a test.

Eat a variety of foods, veggies, fruits, breads, meats, natural juices, and dairy parts.

Shop well and you will eat well.


JULY 2018

                                 SODIUM LABELINGS


More swellings and other dangerous health conditions occur right here with the elderly. Reading ingredient labeling means nothing if we do not know what the wordings mean. Remember the following-when the names, broth, cured, corned, pickled, smoked are often signs the product has sodium.


Foods containing sodium additions are the following.

  2. BRINE
  3. SODIUM CHLORIDE -meaning table salt


Many will say the word sodium.

Danger is the fact certain foods have sodium already and we sprinkle more (salt). There are Medicines that contain sodium, headache meds, laxatives, sedatives. If you are sodium restricted and buying on your own, meds ASK the pharmacist if it wise to purchase and tell them why you ask. Your MD will not give you added sodium, think about this, ARE YOU ADDING MORE PROBLEMS TO YOUR CONDITION?????  

 We must ALLOW our MEDICAL TEAM to lead us in better HEALTH.


Take care stay blessed and pick up a book just for you from me.

Amazon.com, Xlibris , Barnes Nobles.


This is natural for us women at a certain time in our lives. It is personal and unique for each of us. The ending of child bearing years. Around fifty for many it is happening. Women that smoke may have their visit early or your genetics can play a part in when.


The following are symptoms of menopause:

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Move swings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Early awakening
  • Difficulty Sleeping

Being said that SOY is a good source of help with menopause.

Come in friends welcome to this stage of growing older, not bad just stay as healthy as you can and follow your Medical team in health.

Pick up some good senior reading at amazon.com and other book stores on line. Author Diana Harvey Darrisaw, be advanced in what can come up later, prevention is key.  

June 2018


                                 COOL EATING




Be sure all fruits and veggies if fresh have been washed well before making salad.

Broken salad greens/carrots/string beans/raisins/nectarines/berries-Shred or dice veggies and fruits your choice

This salad calls for a mild yet favorable dressing, something with cheese would be a great choice.



Mixed fresh veggies/honey dew/blackberries/apples with skin/Tofu and nuts.

A dressing that brings out the hidden flavors.



Diced cooked unprocessed turkey breast/mild cheese/blanched beets/white can corn/Bok choy greens

Try a light 3 times combination MINE, spicy French/ranch/light mayo mix together.



Use can pears in light syrup/lime jell o/ underline with lettuce/top with light mayo.

Tasty, quick and a need for more.



Using devil’s food cake squares/top with choc frozen yogurt/add choc chips/finish with choc syrup.

If your health conditions warrant a NO please obey your diet regimen, enjoy the cake and leave the rest alone.

June 2018


Many are trying to put their off springs in the right directions in eating healthy of course with being also happy. The following are some FOOD JAGS just for you.

Refusing foods previous enjoyed, or always asked for this certain food or foods is called FOOD JAGS. They can follow this at toddler ages up to preschool age, even 6yrs old. Growth is slow and appetite does some what fade. They are excited in what they are seeing and hearing and foods are not it. Being bored is another jag. You can bet them if you stay low keyed being too pushy may be a bad thing.

Preferences in new foods will come about and may not be accepted by child. Stay cool and calm don’t allow the child to see or feel your disappointment in their eating. Many times mine would in time welcome the new foods we presented being tired of the same veggies, fruits, and drinks. Keep the varieties going with the kids, if you use desserts a bait always be sure it has sweetness but the natural choices, do not use it to encourage them to eat their meals, yes it can be hard but fare we ALL have went down this type of walk in our children’s younger lives, guess what? Many still are SMILE.us


RECIPES they may enjoy

Jell- o/ yogurt treat

Use favorite flavors, when jell o cools add fruited yogurt stir and let chill.

Choc plain cupcakes /topped with baby fruits. Do not let them see the baby jar smile.

Ginger bread squares/top with a few peanut butter chips, it only takes a few.

Trail mix-unsalted chips, pretzels, few choc chips, dry pieces fruits. Keep foods at a low and don’t overload or any one food.

This just a few ways and means that ay just help with the little ones.

                                                                         WHAT IS GLUTEN FREE

                                                                          EATING ALL ABOUT


We here GLUTEN FREE every where in the food markets all over the world, many understand, and many don’t.

This is a need for those that have a condition called CELIAC DISEASE, using the word disease is not part of my writing we that have this very well name in front or behind our histories, hear it enough. The following information given is why this condition is not

Should not consume that have GLUTIEN. This is a diet that usually lasts a life time for some.   It can occur at any age.                            


*********ALWAYS CHECK WHAT YOU READ OR TOLD with your MEDICAL TEAM before taking a step in the direction.

CELIAC DISEASE is an intestinal disorder. GLUTIEN is a natural protein found in many grains SUCH AS BARLEY, OATS, WHEAT and RYE in which the body cannot handle. When gluten is breaking down in the body it GLUTENIN ALSO GLIADIN the (Gliadin) is the enemy for the person that has the condition. When consume either (the walls of the small intestines that is needed to absorb the nutrients eaten. This is CAUSES MALNOURISHED. Celiac disease is often called AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE WHY? The immune system causes the damage.


Keep connected with your medical team and be SURE to let them know REALY how you feel daily this helps a great deal even before blood work.  

 The following is just a few warning signs.


Take care and stay ALERT in YOUR body changes. STAYED GLUED to your MEDICAL CARE.

Stay well and keep reading what I share on TWITTER and our web site right here.



                                       SATURATED FATS AND CHOLESTEROL


Hi, today I feel fats, cholesterol, and other connections in this area of health needs more understanding and alertness for not only the elderly but most. If you have HEART DISEASES ,or not certain information will be a PLUS for YOU.


SATURATED FATS / CHOLESTEROL partners in crime.  Saturated fats are one of top factors in raising blood cholesterol. You have a big chance in joining the group for CORONARY heart disease.

The top ways to receive SATURATED fats and CHOLESTEROL is through ANIMAL FOODS, POULTRY, DAIRY FOODS, some not many plant foods have saturated fat coconut oils for one.

TRANS fats come alive when UNSATURATED FATS undergo a step called HYDROGENATIO a little can be found in foods naturally. Example is TUB STLE margarine it is unsaturated in liquid and soft stages the more hydrogenation the harder becomes saturated. Foods that contain TRANS FATS are, commercial baked goods, crackers, cookies and fried foods.

  CHOLESTEROL is a book by itself. What is it? It is waxy some what like fat found in the blood and tissue of the body.  The body makes the most cholesterol we need the rest comes from certain foods like saturated fats. There are 2 kinds, SERUM cholesterol found in the blood, the other is DIETARY Chol.

Fat and Chol are different although discussed as being the same. The damages come up the same. In foods it is not BAD or GOOD what is said s good is (HDL) bad (LDL) refers to the Chol found in the blood.


(CHOL.) stands for cholesterol.


The above will be continued there is much to share in these serious KILLERS.

(catch me on twitter soon.

Be back with you SOON. STAY BLESSED





                                           THE DUTIES OF SODIUM

Sodium is mishandled in many ways. First let’s get cleared, SODIUM and SALT are two different things, although they both are referred to as the SAME.  Salt is a part of the MINERAL SODIUM. Table salt is 40% sodium and 60 % CHLORIDE.   Sodium is naturally found in foods, added to foods for different reasons. It is also in DRINKING WATER, unless you are restricted to have low amounts of sodium, you should be ok on the healthy side smile. PROCESSED foods and CONVENIENCE contain large amounts (the most), sodium in the form of salt and additives.



You do hear many bad, and dangerous information concerning sodium, remember this mineral is essential to LIFE. It is grouped as a ELECTROLYTE along with CHLORIDE and POTASSIUM, our body needs. The body has need of electrolyte to maintain fluid balance, Sodium helps to control the flow of fluids in and out of body cells. Also, a helper in body process and digesting of PROTEINS and CARBOHYDRATES.

Never allow yourself to become sodium free to the point you are not keeping up with the daily allowance for you.  We are taking a large amount of professional care on our own, only your Medical staff can lead you CORRECTLY in your stay well gold. Ask questions concerning advertisements, what you are being told, read information, other brought in health information that YOU feel is good for you.


Many illnesses such as HEART DISEASE, could possibility be lowered   we confined more in the MEDICAL SIDE. Some is taking a supplement it works for them, this doesn’t mean it will for you, STOO bring unnecessary hardship to YOU.


Stay well and alert EAT HEALTHY AND BE HAPPY.

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May 2018 Recipes



Wilted mixed veggies

Shredded mix lettuce and



Taro root

Cherry tomatoes

Whole cooked corn

Mix-blue cheese/mayo dressing

Use all-purpose no salt seasoning, light dressings. Add dressing to ready salad

Let chill covered and sit until wilted.

Many that have problems with eating find salad wilted is great. Enjoy the veggies you enjoy.


Fruit Cheese Salad

Canned fruit in light syrup or fresh choices

Blocked or shredded low fat low sodium cheese

Fresh mint or parsley

This is a quick tasty spring salad. Look well in your food markets

 Foods needed to make a healthy meal are there.


Friends, ignoring the isle that you should be walking is not a smart way

To HELP you, most of times we fight against the good because we allow (the use to be to remain in our food choices an unsmart move.


                         **Any diet can be made HAPPY AND HEALTHY**.





Cookies with Pudding

Shortbread cookies (broken up)


Fresh berries

Low fat whipped cream

Place broken cookie first then pudding and fruits.

Wash and sweeten berries if needed. Be sure to use the sweetener for YOU.

Chill overnight for best results


Smoothie Dessert

Frozen yogurt(your favorite)

Vanilla cream soda


Fruit flavoring (look in baking section of your market)

¼ cup non- dairy milk

Only add sugar if really needed nit because this is a

Blend well.

Step you always take smile.


Sunshine Treat

Vanilla/orange sherbet

Mandarin oranges

¼ cup orange juice, also ¼ cup apricot nectar

1 cup non-dairy milk.

Blend and enjoy chilled.


Always follow your diet regimen not the authors smile. What every you enjoy this s what you purchase.

I share the IDEAS only. KEEPING IT ALL HEALTHY is not a bad following in ANY recipe.