Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw

                                               LET YOUR MEDICAL TEAM LEAD YOU

There is quite a large amount of many giving and offering their findings and rules in the medical field, but not professionals in the field. As the elderly we must practice in safe health this means stop following everything you hear and are told for your conditions without connecting with the opinion and guidance of your medical staff. The surprise comes to the doctor when blood work is done and a big change has taken place, mostly for the worse.

We are the senior generation and it is a large step when we go against our health team, we are adults and the majority of us know this is unwise. There are many new and old steps that can be made in the field of your health. I f you come across something you liked or feel it can help you talk, communicate with your health leaders, bring the information to them let them decide yes it is you and you have rights but are you qualified to make the decision.

Supplements such as vitamins, minerals and other added health care should be examined for each of us by our medical teams. I have had many sad endings for friends and family because they wouldn’t listen knowing that the awareness given was real and most likely true. Why do we make haste in receiving valuable information but will jump to the unproven.  

Let’s make a new start and take all the advantages of solid health information, how do we know it is solid letting our health leaders know all about it before we indulge.

We are the senior hood let us wear the badges proudly and with safety.

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