Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Meal Planners





 Jan 2017

This a new year for all new and old information is needed. Let me go over some old information . We must stay updated and educated in what we should be doing to stay healthy and happy in our meal plans. Ourseniorhood. com has been trying hard to help in this area, you must be willing to help your selves. Come on your web site often, yes this site is yours free of charge made just for you I am a senior also fighting the best I can to stay where I should be in happy eating. Medicine has a partner in getting us better and it is called eating healthy.

I am going tyo give you some dietsthat are very tricking in keeping you in your correct diet zones. Many of us have what I call (COMBINATION DIETS) more than one diet. Mind consist of 4 so I will give you a meal for this diet one that I enjoy smile.

Gout, cardio, diabetic, low cholesterol)

My  job is to plan my meals around this daily, not choosing one particular diet, all the meal and snacks. I will not share the amount of calories I have each meal because it just might confuse you.


1 egg (I allow myself 2 regular eggs a week

Small toasted bagel

½ cup hot cereal (farina)

Low salt spread/sugar free jam

Nut flavored applesauce/cinn

Decafe coffee  tea /non-dairy cream

Use enough cream for cereal

Snack ½ peanut butter sand /2 slices bananas (across not down smile.


Low salt chicken broth with fresh parsley

Tuna mild cheese melt

Curly lettuce/tom/ cucumbers/raisins need a ton of dressing for any salad just enough for moisture

Mild low chol ,sugar, sodium dressing

Fresh cherries about 10 or a no sugar added can or jarred fruit

Black tea/orange slice

Sugar sub

Snack-sugar free jell-o 5 shortbread cookies

Keep in mind I am having a animal protein once a day choosing what meal I prefer dinner.


Baked chicken (no skin eaten

French green beans/low salt margarine

1 bread stick unsalted

Date/carrot/apple salad

Hot strawberry flavored tea

Night snack-4 ounces fruit juice/2 graham squares.

Pointers to keep daily.

Portion control

Staying with in your limitations

Sugar free foods and condiments (purchase a healthy sugar substitute)

Anything you want to know about how I eat with GOUT pick up a copy of( Gout Doesn’t live Here Anymore) at amazon.com

We will talk the next time in Feb.



Healthy meal planning is the root of healthy eating having it happy doesn't hurt.

The following are some tips in having a happy healthy meal planner

  • Purchase a variety of different foods.
  • Put your needs in front of your pleasures.
  • Understand your diet regimen well.
  • Follow your diet according to how it was given not the way you think it should be.
  • Be open to new ideas that lean a healthy note.
  • Don't be tempted by others choices in foods.
  • Don't dead lock your mind against healthy ways to eat.
  • Include veggies, fruits, and water in your daily meals.
  • Eat fruit associated desserts often.
  • Stay on the same route in your meal planners.
  • You need different foods to get different nutrients.
  • Make healthy changes in foods often.


We are talking about seniors with food related illnesses and we must handle our foods with the same principles. It seems like a lot! Once you get started, everything will come together. Some of us dread trying to figure out what to eat, and a healthy happy meal plan will do the job. Stop going out to eat rather than deal with what you need.  


You will notice letters beside some foods in the meal plans. The letters represent what book you can find the recipe or foods in.


The letters r.m.p  standsfor recipes and meal planner. The letters

(HHS) stands for Healthy Happy Seniors.