Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Low Salt



                                                      Low Salt Meal Planner



We know that too much of anything is no good.  Salt is one thing that we tend to ignore. The day and evening has ended your sodium intake has gone way over your appointed amount. There are quite a few good unsalted herbal seasoning, and non- herbal seasoning on the market. I mention the names in my recipe book. If you look well, and ask the manager in most markets they will aid you in the area these seasonings are kept in. Also try your health stores. Or do what I do most of the time make my own. There is a list of herbs and how to use them in HHS book. Just put the herbs you enjoy together. Remember too mush sodium has a red skeleton attached to it for the cardiovascular patient.







Fluff buff omelet- r m p



Unsalted margarine                                                

Unsalted seasonings

Low fat milk


Snack-fruited yogurt/small slice angel food cake






Low salt broth

Stuffed devil shrimp/fresh baby spinach- r m p

Unsalted top wheat crackers

Fresh and canned fruit mixes- r m p

Hot beverage

Unsalted seasonings



-Grapes and more grapes drink/r m p/plain cookies








Assorted veggie soup r m p

Soy cheese sandwich r m p

Kiss of chocolate r m p

Hot beverage

Unsalted seasonings



-warm rum flavored milk/low salt peanut butter/unsalted top crackers


Make your meals as healthy as you can keep happy and satisfaction in mind also.

The reason why we have so many of us eating unhappy meals is because the thinking cap is not on, it is not always the case of the non-cooker, or unable to get to the stove. Do what I did get a safe stool on wheels and start cooking again.





Friendsthe senior hood struggling will tell you what you need to do to stay healthy, recipes and meal planning, healthy, happy, seniors can show you how, you can have quick tasty and low cost eating and no added salts, sugars, or bad fats and cholesterol.