Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Low Fat Low Cholesterol





                                            What is Pectin?



Pectin is a water-soluble fiber, yes it is a fiber. When it is dissolved in the body it becomes a sticky and jelly like. It is in the same league as antioxidants our protectors, only pectin binds to harmful substances to prevent abortions. All you diabetics out there look into how pectin can help you in your fight with diabetes. I found out when I eat a moderate amount of foods containing pectin I feel full faster. Apples, blackberries, plums, oranges, grapefruits, some veggies contain good amounts of pectin peaches are low. Get as much of this naturally because it is used on a large scale to obtain that jellied affect to foods. This can bring other additives that we do not want. Mix and match your foods, add the fruits that are high in pectin with ones that are low. If you cannot tolerate fruit skins any more, peel and keep them together in the freezer. When you have your next bowl of cereal, or need a perfect garnish for a dessert pull your skins out steam with water and some flavors and sweetener, find away to use the juice from the steaming also.





The following is a high pectin breakfast


 Cooked oatmeal/caramel sliced apples/low fat cream

   Cooked egg

   Oat toast/jam

   Low fat milk

   Slice oranges/blackberries


So many times we eat foods just because they taste great, and we like the smell, or just for the delicious garnishes they have. The reasons to eat certain foods can go on and on. It is time that we not only enjoy a food but know what nutrients make the food good and healthy. Our aim must be for health first and desires second. There is a large market to sell tasty fast foods, but the health foods are not so large. I found out a long time ago I had to reverse my way of thinking and dealing with what food choices are best for me. It didn't take to long because my health showed me. 


Enjoy and remember try all kinds of ways to obtain a healthy happy meal planner.

Use the recipe books I offer they can help you along the road to happier health.













                      Low Fat LowCholesterol

                                          Meal Planner                           




Boiled egg whites

Low fat creamy cottage cheese/slice tomato

Slice honey dew melon

Melba toast/jam                                                             

Decaf hot drink

Peach flavored skim milk





Snack-fruited jell-o





Red potato soup/ HHS

Diana's burger/bun/ HHS

Baby fresh uncooked spinach-for sandwich

Kiss of chocolate/ r m p

Skim milk







- Fruit juice/rice cakes/apple butter      




Low fat consommé

Vegetable stuffed fish/HHS

Parsley seasoned pasta/margarine

Triple red salad-r m p

Low fat milk 1%

Fresh fruit




-low fat chocolate milk/3 graham cracker squares




This diet meal can be eaten also by a person that has  high blood pressure. Usually one health condition can eventually lead to others. Don't make a toss, get both books they will help you to get it right with taste and variety . .