Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Labels are important


                    Read Food Labels and know about Sodium



Our table salt comes from Sodium Chloride. Yes, salt and sodium are different. Sodium is a nutrient and it is essential for our bodies to regulate the balance of fluid, heart rhythm, and a few other important jobs. We eat way over the amount of salt has been said is a good number of a ¼ tbsp daily, I myself follow a diet low as possible in salt. Check your medical team along the American Heart Association and they will guide you in the amount of sodium you should have daily.









Read your nutritional and ingredient lables when purchasing food. One can of veggies contains 700 milligrams of sodiumj and another can only100  Try to be more proactive by reading, asking questions, and most of all following the guidelines given by your health leaders. Friends you will never make the gold to reach a healthier point in life. Reading any labels are impossible if we don't know what we are reading or looking for. How many know if 9000 mg sodium is good for you or 5000. Either one should be passed up both are too high for a low sodium patient. Please ask more questions and listen to what is being told to you. Make sure you read the ingredients in food products are also read this part of the label is just as important as the nutritional facts. We as members of the senior hood have seen and read many things in the pass and some are still able to read and even function with very little problems, those that are not depend on the help of family and friends, and sometime a stranger can help guide your way. Too much sodium in our diets is a killer in time. Most of the veggies, fruits, and other foods have sodium they come to us this way by nature or what ever means beyond our control.




I am going to give you just a few foods that carry large amounts of sodium.

Artichokes, beets, they are in the top sodium run. As far as fresh veggies are concern you eating the proper serving a fresh choice holds high sodium. What makes a lot of foods have a high sodium content is after picked and placed in cans, jars, or other packaged foods for us to enjoy much later. Found out all you can about wordings such as light sodium, low salt, no salt added


Always check the (DV) which means daily value if an item is 15% or more than the daily value it is high in sodium.  Most of us have eaten some type of bread; this is a nutritious choice of food, but high in sodium. If you purchase your bread from a bakery not labeled ask how much salt it contains. If you should purchase a food with a little too much salt rinse it well before heating, this will remove some of the salt, I have found doing this does help. Most cheeses are high in sodium; this food is #2 on the list of my favorite top ten. I look well for low sodium and fat chesses; I fit in some regular far in between





How many know the other names used meaning sodium?

The Seniorhood book can tell you a lot about handling sodium and sugar.

Recipes and Meal Planning shows you how to put it all together.

Healhy HappySenior bookells you what herbs are good for the foods we are familiar with. Kick that salt box out of the kitchen along with the many other salty condiments and ready to use sauces.


Although I am a member of quit a few health condition clubs I do enjoy what is called junk foods, after all it has been a part of my life for over 60 years. Keeping away from it is a job. The pathways we are walking are not easy in fact they are extremely hard.  No one wants to give up anything they have become familiar with  that's not unusual.


We will keep doing our best in good health and each day making a more positive effort.




Extra salt is not a need

Too much sat will plant a seed

Your body will long for the need         

Salt will be come your best friend

Sadness and sorrow will be your end.