Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Know What You Are Looking For





                                     Know What You Are Looking For


If you are among the zillions of us that are walking or setting around with heart diseases, high blood, diabetes, and a few others when are you going to look into the pro’s and con’s with a real pattern. Information that you can read over and over , until you understand.  Yes I am trying to sell healthy books, but look at all the extras I am sharing. I am trying to give back to the senior hood.  Get involved with what is going on, you just might recognize your self in the crowd. My (The Senior Hood Struggling to stay happy, and healthy) book, can give you the opinion o another senior. If you as a younger person , have family and friends that are struggling through food related issues give them a hand help to led them to a higher plan by reading my book.


Read the details concerning the difference in fats and cholesterol it will help.

How much do you know about sugar, is it you are just familiar with cane sugar?

Read how many sugars they are and how they can effect your blood glucose.

How does sodium work in the foods we eat? Is sodium a  mineral? Where does salt come from? What is added to salt to make it labeled table salt.


Don’t stay away from any means that can help YOU to make things better for YOU.

You be the one to determine if this is fiction information or non-fiction.

What you read friends is my life style struggling through the mentioned illnesses.

I feel that when I talk and discuss certain things that we as seniors go through it is a chance many more can take advantage of the information and research it with their medical staff.

Yes this web site intentions is to sell books, but I am giving you much more than the Marketing of my books, read my web pages and you decide what am giving you . Stop sharing information doesn’t stop because of book sales oh no, this information I share is offered with good will and will continue.


All HHS books are winners for the senior that is looking for happiness along with health.