Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
kidney stones


                               Eating With Kidney Stones

Let me start off with life’s best friend water, which I consider a nutrient because it is needed as much. Drink lots of water and other liquids if you are medically able to, this is a great support for flushing.

A meal can be made to suite any diet keeping the rules of good nutrition in mind. Use a meal plan, stick to eat.


I picked this particular condition because so many in my family has had it.




Orange juice

Cream wheat

Hard boiled egg whites


Preserve sweetener

Non-dairy creamer



Chicken broth

Baked fillet fish/lemon sauce

Green pea flavored whip potatoes

Applesauce /cheese salad

Low fat chilled milk

Hot tea/no black tea


Snack- blueberry frozen yogurt/shortbread cookies



Chill fresh lemon/lime juice

Pasta/carrot/ricotta cheese casserole

Steamed yellow squash

Apricot/black berry dessert

Small low fat milk






Check like always check with your health team for an ok to enjoy this diet, or any other. Remember the rules for eating is being changed daily. Foods that was labeled no, no are now being noted as yes, yes.  I am from the old school of learning and not every rule changed agrees with me. Our doctors are the leaders in our health.