Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
How SWEET t is ?



                                       How Sweet it is ?





Every time this word is used wither it is concerning food or a person, it is nice to hear, it gives me a feeling of kindness. Most of us in the human race just have a taste for sugar. Even my cat, Yes my cat, will eat something with sugar before he will salt. All through our lives a couple pieces of our favorite candy made our day. Right at this moment! I would kill for a strawberry banana sundae with syrup and nuts. 


Sugar and salt was introduced to a large amount of us at an early age. How many times was sugar added to foods to make us eat? I am guilty because my daughter didn't care for peas and I did what my mom said she did added sugar. For the very young sugar is added to foods when it shouldn't began and this how wanted that sweetness can start and keep going through the years to come. You will read how this site takes topics to the zones they should be in not covering up or pushing aside. The Americans eat tons and tons of sugar daily if it is not sweet we don't want any pat of it, this is how we should accept eating healthy. If you are trying to follow a low or no added sugar diet regimen stick to it a life can depend on it.


I love sweets and sugared coated foods, I can not have them, but the desire is still there, so I reach back to my self control and remember what it will and can do for health condition, the sugar is not worth it.


Let's talk about some sweets. Honey is sweet and contains small amounts of potassium, calcium, and phosphorus; it is sweeter than sucrose (the sugar in your sugar bowl) honey main sugars are glucose, and fructose. As far as our bodies are concern it is all just sugar name holds no importance. Honey has more calories per tsp than white or brown sugar. Be careful all day long drinking tea with honey you might be asking later what happen I have gain weight, you know some of us can not burn up hose extra calories like we use to. Sugar supplies energy to the body carbohydrates is the main source of fuel for our body it offers calories no nutrients. Sugar is naturally in some foam in most of the foods we eat (fruits, veggies, starches such as potatoes, rice, pasta, foods in general made from flour it is considered natural sources of sugar it is still sugar.






There is no shame in enjoying desserts and foods that have sugar, and fats included the shame comes in when you know you shouldn't have it but you indulge too often. The wrong way of eating didn't just start now it came about a very long time ago. Our ancestors were the beginning of quite a few health related issues we have now, they only did what had to be done in order to supply our needs. This is another time now and we have the opportunity to get it the healthy way, so the excuses are out the window right! As long as we have life and a great state of mind we can change anything. Even if the mind is not as active as before, family, and friends helping us to receive what we need for better help from our health partners is still possible. I my home we put our faith and trust in our spiritual leader that we will remain strong and willing to change for the better good. Sweetness is a beautiful word used for a person or concerning food, eats with caution and discipline.




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