Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Happy 4th of July



                                           Fourth of July


Happy fourth to all. More birthdays and a great holiday to look forward to.

Have you’ll enjoyed any of the cool ocean water and breezes yet, it is not too early for many. Another 4th of July with out precious love ones, but we know life will go on no matter what. This is a web site that all is welcomed, whether it is about healthy eating or

healthy feelings.

 The fourth is supposed to be a proud and great thing for us here in America. We have many reasons to be proud. Like most of the holidays commercial and materialistic slips in and the holiday becomes something else, who has the biggest flag hanging, look her figure of the holiday is huge, oh boy Mr. and Mrs., Z has some really new on there roof this year in red/white/and blue. Talk like this was not invited I to the holiday but came anyway.

 How many gave to organizations to feed and help the veterans and their families, the children that used fire crackers wrongly and was blown away, what about any of the wars we have and are in ??????????.

 Eat talk, and be merry is not wrong or unexpected but we as Americans need to include some subjects that made us able to have large expensive holiday parties on this day.

And we as seniors must keep reminding our young the meaning of holidays not only the Fourth of July, but Christmas, New Years, Easter. We must always make a way to include the roots of the holidays. Let holidays make you want to share with others, let us stop this selfish America.


If you are planning ribs be sure they re lean and cooked with a low fat and low sugar sauce.


Covers 2lbs ribs well.


2 cups less salt tomato sauce

4 tbsp tomato paste

5 packs sugar sub

2to3 ounces hot sauce

2tbs light olive oil

1/2 cup cider vinegar and 1/2 cup apple juice

Large bunch of chopped fine parsley

1 large chopped fine golden onion

1tbsp onion powder, 1tbsp garlic powder

Add all ingredients in to blender or by hand until smooth

Add chicken broth for a thinner sauce.

Add cornstarch mix with water for a thicker sauce. Start low 1tsp cornstarch to 1 ounce water until desired thickness keep mixture loose and remember the starch is the thickening.

If you need me, CONTACT me.


Let those washed ribs cook with less salt chicken broth, fresh cleaned onions, pepper and low salt seasonings for at least an hour or two on high heat and covered. Drain and place in a shallow pan cover with sauce and place on grill or in oven until desired tenderness. You don’t have to give your healthy style eating a boot because it is a holiday. Follow the same meal plans, just keep the portions at a good control, 2 small pieces of ribs instead of a slab (smile). A serving spoon of potato salad instead of a small cereal bowl full. Friends let’s keep it real.