Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Gout 9

6/ 2015


                                                        GOUT AND ME

I am still hanging in there trying hard to keep the pain of gout away so far so good. How many out there are keeping updated in my struggle with gout?????  You have all free information on this web and why many are not using it I don’t understand, just remember all is here if you do. How are you coming along with your other health conditions related to food??  Yes I know it can be hard, just keep learning how to help you and you will be fine.


Take advantage of sharing with another senior the same fight you are going through, on this site is what you do. I don’t share or write any health condition that I am not a member of, you get it real and above board on www. ourseniorhood.com

I am going into my 4th year pain free from gout believe I am thankful a million times God is good.

Pick up my coming out book soon (GOUT DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE for now). When it comes alive and the book stores have it on the shelves and on line keep up with my web site and you will know.

If you like and enjoy what I share tell family and friends about my senior connection.

Pick up the other books I have out there

  1. Recipe and Meal Planning

  2. Senior Hood Struggling (to stay healthy and happy)

  3. Pathways and Climbs of a Senior (back in the days)

  4. Healthy, Happy, Seniors (almost forgot my first book for the beginner in eating healthy ).

  5. Salads Galore and more (Has arrived). Pick up a bundle of goodies in salads, a few  desserts also.