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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
.....Gout 8



                                          Diana’s Battle with Gout


My battle has been a very low, thank god. My fight started out very, very hard but I can

Say today it is much easier in many ways. NO flares in almost a year, no pains waking me up. Yes friends the condition is rough for anyone. The following are the rules I follow daily. My medical team is proud of me.


I eat small amounts of meats, dairy foods. Low fat foods are my choices; fresh cherries are a part of my year around fruit. You have to take your medications and follow what you have been told by your medical team. Ask questions and ask for written articles if available I order to help your self you must understand your condition. 

All times of the night. Please know what foods can give you a flare up, may don’t know.

My web-site offers much information and the author of this site has gout It can be very Hard to understand an illness you don’t yes you can read and be told about them believe me it is not the same as going through the pain and discomfort of it. Let those that are going through various health issues have a voice. Gout is a condition that includes the young and the elderly, help in releasing the flares and pain should be welcomed what ever your title might be, if you are a part of the misery, unless you are going through the tunnel how do you know how dark it is?????


Here is a meal for the gout sufferer

Lunch or Dinner Meal

Low salt onion soup

Stuffed tomatoes/Tuna fish

Small corn on the cob

Lettuce heart/dressing

Assorted low salt crackers

Cherry fruited jell-o/low fat yogurt

Ice lime/lemon drink


Bed time Snack-Fresh cherries/cold cereal/low fat milk

Reminder: Keep your animal meats ad fats at a low, low.

Use condiments according to your overall diet regimen. I don’t know many people that don’t have a couple more food related health conditions along with their gout issues.

Never be ashamed to discuss your health condition with others you will be surprised how many people are gong through what you are.

I would love to be involved in different groups that everyone is dealing with the same health issue, cardio, gout, diabetes, arthritis, high blood we could help each other to the u most.





                                                                              Diana’s Gout


Hi out there. Happy and blessed to say my gout is giving me what I have been asking for a long time not to make any visits smile. Im still following the same meal planning; staying away from fatty dairy products, and cutting my meat desires way down. Chicken, fish, veggies, fruits, and fruit juices are my function. Now when I get that bad need for a steak,liver, even a piece of pheasant I follow portion control and don’t over do it.


Gout is a condition that will last a life time, but through this keeping sparks down low and out most of the time is what we all should be trying to succeed in. Watch out your meats more than any food purines are your enemy in gout. The following is a meal for you to enjoy also a tasty snack.



Low salt veggie juice

Or hot bowl veggie soup

Tuna/pasta salad

Unsalted crackers

Fresh red cherries/slice peaches

Cold low fat milk

Hot tea/lemon/sugar sub


Snack-low fat/sugar tapioca pudding/whip cream, vanilla wafers.


This meal was just delicious and n order. I have diabetes, gout and cardio health factors, this means my meals must be correct for of all three areas, keeping the sodium low, sugar, and keeping the meat out or down.


In large food markets most any thing can be found needed. Low fat dairy products, natural sweeteners, and more.

We have a habit of asking help or information from those that don’t know but in knowing you don’t know also can give you misleading answers please stop. Your medical team is the ones that should be able to help. My site is here to give you true answers in a way that you can understand. No huge names or misleading information. Pass what you get on the senior hood web to your medical team any part of it, feel free.


Keep trying to help your self with your food related health conditions in time you will see a difference take my word it does work. Need answers to your questions in what you read call me let’s talk about them; my contact page will give you the number.