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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
......Gout 7




                                            Diana and Gout



Hi friends, a New Year so far I am dong fine with my now some timey associate gout. You have no idea how good it feels to say that word (some Timey). If you are suffering from this terrible condition you do know. The holidays were just great for me in the health and eating areas. A small amount of this and a small amount of that. When a decision comes about and I have to decide should or shouldn’t I my choices have been good.


How well have all of you doing that has accepted that you do have gout? I have a dear friend that suffered with pain day and night for months before she accepted she had gout.. Why? Not wanting to give up some of the familiar foods. I will say this, I don’t care how familiar or good tasting they are, if the food is not good for you in the health area be glad to throw it as far as it can possibly go! I am surprise that more people with gout have not contacted HHS.


This is all about me, if what is going on with me can help you, you need to be talking to your medical team. I have found a way to help me, try in finding away to help you. How could a person suffer through the pain of gout and see a possibility to cut it down or out for a while and not look into it? You must enjoy pain friends.


Be talking to you again soon about Diana and her fight with Gout.