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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
.....GOUT 6

Dec 2012



                                                Me and my Gout


Hi, things been looking good for me with gout. I have been free of pain for almost a year now; I cannot believe it my self. I am just doing the best I can and it is working. Once and a while I feel something is trying to start and I reach back in my mind to remember have I eaten something or to much of a food I shouldn’t have. This makes me to be even more alert. My medical team is there for me any time, but I learned a long time ago I have to do the hardest part watch what I eat and how much and how often. Look! There isn’t any other way to try to be a winner with this condition but the correct way. Food is the culvert in this painful condition.


There millions suffering with gout, I am just thankful I found a way for e, and I share hoping you read or print out my message and take to your medical team, and see f there is a possibility it might work for you. There is something I have to leave out because it is not containing food ad my web-site is about eating correct. I will discuss it under different circumstances, with a medical leader only (sorry).


But I can say from my self that the change of your diet will and can help the


That come and goes with gout. The following is a holiday meal for me. Remember I have 4 to five no, no’s to be aware of in meal planning.



Baked chicken/stewed peaches/garnish with parsley

Steamed Bok Choy/unsalted margarine

Small corn pudding

Slice /no sugar added cranberry sauce

Small rye roll/margarine

Hot cinnamon tea/lemon

Dessert warm cherry jubilee



Make cherry cream-use a can unsweetened cherry filling warmed. Sweeten with sugar substitute

Add vanilla flavor, low fat ricotta cheese folding into apples. Serve over angel food cup cake.


Use water packed peaches, a good healthy margarine, season your foods with an all purpose unsalted style condiment. Bok Choy is healthy veggie use a lot in cold salads, such as Cesar salad, Orientals name this veggie one of their favorite’s cold or hot.

With this health condition eat fewer meats as possible and when you do keep portions small, 2 to 3ounces at the most at lunch and dinner. Keep the high fatty foods at a low also.

Keep away from the sea foods often, any meat can be a problem if to much is eaten.

This eating regimen has to take place daily, not just when you want to. The body has to have a chance to accept the change and work things that are needed for you not against you. This is not a condition like others that can be solved fast, t I have found the process slow but sure for me. I am not saying my way has been a cure but it has been a help away from PPPPPPPPPAAAAIIINNNN.


Be good and keep it real just like ourseniorhood.com