Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
.....GOUT 5

Sept 2012

                                    Upgrade on Diana’s Gout


As I write I am holding on to my desk made of wood, (smile) this is what we as seniors and from old school do when we don’t want anything we say to change for the worse. My fight and struggle with gout so far so good. It has been quit a while since I have come up with a flare at least one year. I have been sharing with you’ll how I do what I do and it is working for me.


The word Pectin should be a word you run from, this is the monster that plays a large part in painful gout. When I changed my meal planning with less meats of any kind, cut way down the seafood’s did I miss my fresh crabs, shrimp, clams this summer.

Fresh cherries have been awesome all summer in color and taste, and price.


The following is a gout meal of mine. Remember the information I give is mine and associated only  to me.




Low salt veggie broth

Fruit cheese salad (use a low fat and sodium cheese)

Melba toast/low fat cream cheese

Ranch dressing





Tuna salad plate (assorted veggies)

Thin sliced rye bread

Fresh cherries/strawberries

Hot lime and lemon tea


I found adding more citrus and low on gluten also helps with my gout.

My diet is not gluten free, just keeping it low, I am very fine of wheat, I have found that wheat doesn’t fit to well into my meal plans. I gave it a 2 week test, wheat daily in my meals, and then not often the not often was better. I found other grains that are good for me (multi-grains) it is not always easy to give familiar foods up, not having the pain oten, will make a person like me, give it up quick. I had a friend say to me, how can I give anything up if I don’t know what is causing it??????? This is a question I imagine is thought by many. My answer to you’ll talk things over with your health partners and do some researching on your own, it is about the food with me, and my doctor takes care of anything medical, it is working great fro me.


Remember the word PECTIN found in meats.