Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
.....Gout 4


                                   Diana’s Struggles with Gout


Hi, I hope there are many following my struggles with gout. The reason for this is how will you ever know if what I am doing can help you if you don’t inquire to your leaders in health leaders?                          


Purine is still very low in my meal planning. All meats have purine, so all meats are a danger to me. Purine breaks down into the body and becomes our enemy in the name of gout. Eating plenty of veggies and fruits, it is easy to purchase fresh cherries now, and I eat them daily. Not eating over my limit of 10 to 12 at a time. When you have a number of related food health conditions. It is a must you look at each one with the same amount of care. One illness not taken care of properly can bring forth a parade of illnesses.

A variety of allowable fruits and veggies is a great step to take in any meal situation

I first stayed away from acid containing foods, but slowly I have found they were not a danger to me.


Trying different foods and taking the chances is a part of you helping your self.

This condition in having gout was once called a rich mans condition, why?

Because rich foods seemed to be a very large part of the condition, and only the rich could afford to eat rich type foods. Women later through the years start coming up with the condition.


Researchers say that this condition could be inherited, there are more and more of the young generation appearing with gout. What every it takes to stop or slow down the flares of gout I ray is on its way and not to slow getting here. Every word, or way that is connected with this illness should be explored, not debating because the information is coming from a scientist, PhD graduate, or any of high educated person, in formation is what it is to be taken I positive and explored.


Look at the many soldiers that could have helped in the war, could shot, aim and ire like they where born with a gun in their hands, but was used as gun loaders, cooks, garbage can cleaners, and all around cleaners, because the didn’t have that special oops that was being called for. The ones that make the decisions in many things are unreal to reality in many ways.


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