Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
...Gout 3

March 2012



                                      Diana’s Gout Continued


By now if you have been keeping up with my struggles with gout you will know that the struggle has been light. My doctor just ask me the other day how was my gout coming along, he start smiling. My answer was you would have known if I had a flare. Yes it is a super pain experience. I am still planning my meals following a low purine, and moderately low gluten diet. I am able to slide a small amount of red meat in once and a while. Meats and seafoods are a large part of my gout problems, cutting back on it has helped me quite a lot. I take my gout medication daily and eat with caution in my choices of foods.


Feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk one on one about of our enemy gout. Cherries  can be brought most of the year, so I eat them or drink the pure cherry juice. The health markets carry good choices of cherry products. Things are rough with the economy I do agree but with the Pain a flare of gout can bring you in the middle of the night is worth to spend your very last dime. This is my feelings and comments only. I will not hold back on money in place of anything safe that can help what ever pain I have. I am talking to you the same as I do to my Medical team. I am going to continue my meal plans and be Careful in my food choices.


Remember what you are struggling through, and sacrifices sometimes have to be made.  The Seniorhood Struggling to be healthy book. is a pattern of my life style and the struggles gout is not discussed only on my web site. Diabetes, Cardiac condition, and High blood pressure are just a few of the topics.  Friends in order to help your self you must know what is going on and how to use what you learn. This is a small but very motivating book, only you know what you re feeling. As long as you keep your leaders in better health informed in what you are thinking and not understanding you will be ok.


Take care until we talk again find ways to help your self to fight that gout.

 Medication for some is a must, but food plays a hell of a part keeping those flares DOWN, down, down.