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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
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Diana's continued fight with Gout


All is doing well with me and my fight with gout.

Let me  mention uric acid, I feel it is the enemy of gout, although our bodies supply it, it is suppose to eventually leave the body I believe mine doesn't care to go any where but right here with me, friends I don't want or need this kind of friendship (smile). Since purine is a by-product of the breaking down of protein, I decided to cut back on the amount of protein I eat in any certain food, gluten is a protein so I included it also, meat, and seafood are my main target. Oh boy! That medium rare steak, and the garlic loin pork, liver, jumbo shrimp, and any kind of shell sea foods was the on the top of my list of foods. Before we can help our selves we have to be true and real to the problems. I had no limit in my consumption of these foods, a large amount of veggies some fruits and one of the above choices was ok with me most of the time. My meal planner was quite healthy but too much of the healthy, is just as bad as eating un-healthy. I been around  proper feeding for others long enough to know I was wrong, but to stubborn to face it or give some of it up, which is nothing to brag about.




Conditions either comes from a planted root meaning inherited) or we the individuals walked down the wrong path for heath it is simple as that. So after being kicked in the same area over and over, I just cut way back on the meats and seafood and anything else I felt was an error in my meal planning. I am taking one meal at a time with my toes, and fingers cross each time. Friends take the time to ask questions, and let your medical care providers know what you are thinking, and need questions to, before following any ones diet regimen.


We as the seniorhood do know he correct steps that should be taken when our health is involved. Our health providers come first, and we come second, we must wait for the green light to go coming from our leaders in health. You will hear this encouragement all the way through my web site, because this is my way, and it should be yours also. Look seniors we all will be just fine, in our choices, if we just can do it correct daily not just one or twice a week in one month (smile). I will admit assisting patients for over 35 years in finding a way to eat with gout is a great plus for me in my struggling. It takes a lot of going back as far as 40 years; I am blessed to be able to.





Let me hear from you out there, are you getting what you need from (www.ourseniorhood.com)

Pick up (healthy, happy, senior books) all three can be a friend. Keep checking my web pages often for added shared information. 


















                          Diana'sLow Purine Low Gluten               





                                          Meal Plan                              



Find your way like I have, do not give up in trying eating with gout. This condition is very medical on the right side, on the left it is about how we eat foods a steady good meal planner is what I needed to help my self with struggling with gout. I keep white sugar, artificial sweeteners, black tea, chocolate, table salt, and wheat at a Foods made from white flour have a small space in my meal planners. Make water also a part of your meal planning. Removal and replacing foods I have found to be a good.


The following meal planner is mine; each gout recipient needs their own there own

Meal plan we are addressing a very painful conditions needing all we can get in help. We all are individuals that no matter what we may have a like treating the illness can be so different.






Cherry/pineapple fruit juice                   

No yolk eggs                                                               

Gluten free toast/natural applesauce

Unsalted margarine

Hot coffee or tea (only a.m.)

Low fat milk

Unsalted seasonings





- blackberries/non-dairy cream




Red potato soup (no added salt)/HHS

Grilled soy cheese sandwich /gluten free bread


Light dressing                                                  

Nutty fruit /r m p                                            

Sugar free lemonade

Unsalted seasonings



- cherry jubilee/r m p

Cool water






Chicken stir fry tofu /r m p

Brown rice/unsalted margarine

Fresh cherries                                      

Low fat milk

Unsalted seasonings                             

Cool water                                          




-melon/pineapples/2 plain graham cracker squares








You can find other information in helping your self in the struggle for better health in (the senior hood book the recipe books have some choices of foods you might find good for you. It is optional if you want gluten free products. I found if you just cut back on your products made from white flour, I making out ok, we don't need to spend extra money if not necessary. Every ones finances are different and on our web site and in HHS books we remember this. Meal planners should change often and a variety of different foods should be included.


What ever our health conditions are our meal planners should be built around them.

If you are a cardiovascular patient would you include added sodium, high animal fats your meal planner? NO!! You will watch out for gluten and purine.  


I will discuss the history of Purine and the part it plays in gout in my Senior topics tab