Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw




                                Gluten Free/Low sugar/Low Sodium


Oh boy! When you enjoy eating any restricted diet is rough. The most familiar foods are often dismissed when you are restricted. I thought being restricted from fluids was a blip no it is not. We are trying to remove things like cheese cakes, strawberry short cakes, gravies, ice creams, fried chicken and so much more. Gluten has become a more recognized item some cannot tolerate. Very few have only one health issue to be concerned about.



Lunch or Dinner


Hot bowl low salt/vegetable broth

Grilled veal patty

Gluten free pasta/less salt tomatoes

Steamed bell mixed peppers

Gluten free hard roll/sugar free jelly

Fresh small fruit bowl

Cold glass soy almond milk

Hot beverage


Snack-Chocolate soy milkshake, banana/soy nut roll. If you like what you have read and want more information send me an e-mail.


Changes and rearranges can be made after all we do not desire the same foods.

This one of my meals. There is no problem in finding gluten free products any more. Many years ago round 1957 the products offered were not very pleasant to eat. When the gluten free bread would come in where I was working, it was very nerve racking to handle, would break up very easy. Now every thing has been up dated. Cookies, breads, rolls, pasta, flours are all available. Time does change things. It feels so good not to have to look in a book to read what happen back then, I was there I saw it and was a part of it. I was being blessed all along but didn’t realize it until now.


Treat your intake of sugar and sodium the same as you do gluten.  All that is involved makes up your diet and should hold the same
concerns. Gluten free diet has been around for quite awhile, it is just more popular today because it is being noticed in young and elderly.


If you have food issues for what ever your condition is, you must research, ask question with your medical staff, and get as much understanding as you can. Stop trying to correct things that you do not fully have the understanding concerning the issue or issues. How are you gong to measure 240cc of a liquid if you don’t know what (cc) means?


 When you know what it is and how it works it will help you also further down your condition, such as (being restricted from a certain amount of fluids). Don’t let anyone tell you do not need to know when it concerns YOUR health. Pick up my book (senior hood) and get some understandable knowledge about your condition.