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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Flaxseed is good



                                     ANOTHER NOTE OF HEALTH



It appears that every time I make a turn and wonder about the many things that involve nutrition something else arises to my interest. Flaxseed has always meant to me fibers, paint, linseed oil, and using it to feed live stock. With this understanding it wasn’t until many years I became a small part of this awesome health food. Flaxseed is a rich source of omega three. There is a group o compounds in this seed called (lignums), many plant foods also contain theses compounds flaxseed has the most at least 60 to 75 times more. This is what made me start using this seed for many things; ¼ cup provides more than 75 slices of whole wheat bread or about 40 to 60 cups o broccoli. Tell me this is not a healthy seed. Lignans are important because they are our solders in blocking and keeping harmful radical away from our bodies, radicals that can cause heart diseases, keeps cholesterol at a good point, and fights all the many things that causes damaged cells and much more.  


Talk to your health team about flaxseed, find out is it good for you. I just took some peach muffins out the oven, guess what I added some flaxseeds to my batter. I am trying to get the most out of this somewhat new health. I had to do some substituting in certain ingredients, but, they taste great, I am typing and sampling my muffins. Remember if you make bread always grind your seeds first.


I hope every time you come on my site, you learn and always have something to ask your medical team.


So long until the next time, pick up my books for better health.