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Diana Harvey Darrisaw



                                Flavonoids, Fiber, Capsaicin,

                                   Sulfur smelling veggies



There are many times what we read needs a little more in order for us to comprehend.

This is what a friend of our web site in Arco New Jersey needs to know about the following names.

They all concern nutrition and has a great part in our eating. We must have as much understanding possible in order to carry out our daily healthy eating regimen.




Flavonoids compounds are small crystals that are responsible in the coloring of berries, tea, dark chocolates and other fruits and veggies. Our friend antioxidants are also alive helping to keep the bad radicals out of our bodies. Flavonoids offer other good things for the body. It can be a job getting this compound out of certain foods such as, apples inside the peeling, or the white substent we often pull away from the orange and grapefruit after peeled. The peel and the pulp in fruits is a good sources of flavonoids.

Keep eating good amounts of apples, oranges, onions, grapes, tomatoes, berries and other fruits and veggies.

 Fiber is needed for most of us in our daily diets. Although dietary fiber carries no nutrients what is a part of fiber has tons. Bread and bread products is made from various types of grains, fruits, veggies has the structure of tough outer layers of skin. There is soulable and insoluble fibers don’t worry about which ones you need o eat. If your diet is a variety of foods that are heahty choices believe you are getting both.

If you have been told you need as much as possible go get t. If you need more information drop me a line and read fiber on my other web pages.

 Capsaicin-Yes this can be a word that burns “smile”. The Chile peppers carry this burner. Has been proven to be very healthy in many ways, me my self  do enjoy mild peppers. It doesn’t take a lot of capsaicin to give you what you might need.

Protect your hands while handling any hot peppers. Wear disposable gloves. Always wash gloves before taking them off always use soapy water for hands also.

The very hot side of the pepper family are, Habanero, Jalapeno. Taking it a step down try , Hungarian and Anaheim peppers. Cooking will destroy vitamin c. if you can eat them raw it’ better.


Sulfur in veggies that let off  some unpleasant aromia. Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli are the ones mostt are familiar with. It is the sulfur in the veggie we smell. Just add a couple stalks of celery when cooking then remove. I found this cuts the smell some, I don’t find the smell offensive but other family members do.


If you want more information on any of the above send me the message.


Thanks for you questions I hope my answers can help you .