Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Fight for Seniorhood


                                                                         Fight for Seniorhood


It is a hard job encouraging seniors to be proud. There are millions that didn’t reach the seniorhood and will be millions more. If you have been so blessed to have come this far in your life why not be thankful and proud. We as seniors are doing things a certain way for the first time, seeing some things for the first time. Understanding and better knowledge concerning life has arrived, better understanding why the rules we had to follow in our younger years were necessary.

Being a senior is not all golden and silver the trials and down falls still go on. Let this time in your life be proud and strong in body and mind if possible. We have paid certain dues in life in order to reach this part of our lives. When looking back in hard it was to get here also remember you are truly blessed. Learning from each other is a must and we as the last generation must hold each other up the best we can through support in the good things being done by seniors.  Fight from your computers for a better day for you and a better tomorrow for the generations to follow. Friends it can not only about people you know, family and friends, every one needs each other, money doesn’t do anything that is real and will stay real it is good to spend, and it stops there, if you do not use it in a unselfish way. Come on seniorhood let’s be about something .