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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Fat Substitutes


                                   Fat Substitutes


If you are cutting back on how many fats you are taking in you might be interested in how it can be done in a healthy way. There is nothing in the world like a steak cooking, and cake baking in the oven fat gives the taste, and the aroma we desire. Fats can also become an enemy to the body. Obesity, High Blood, Diabetes, Stroke and the conditions list goes on. Triglyceride, are dangerous fat in the blood stream doesn't take much pushing to develop. There are many different fat subs made from proteins, and carbohydrates they are made to feel in texture of a fat yes new technology has it going on in all the different fields of life's survivals. When we use a product that is fat free, the calories can be awesome getting rid of 12 or more grams of fat a serving and 95 calories or more to the same product that offered the fat. This is what I consider a great fat sub. Remember if a fat sub is made from protein or carbohydrates there are some healthy going on.




In my experience I believe carbohydrates runs in the lead as a fat sub, foods that carry fiber, yes our friend fiber. Check your food labels, for malt dextrin, food searches such as polydextrose, and gums. They add good moisture to low fat products.  


On your food labeling look for the word micro articulated protein these products are used mostly in sour cream, butter, ice cream in creamy style foods you will get health benefits also from this protein sub. Use as much of the above fat substitutes in healthy, happy meal planes. I mentioned a new to me veggie old that is now available in your favorite food market (Enova) it looks and tastes like veggie oil, Japan was the first to have the opportunity to taste it.  Most oils are made up of triglycerides and triacylglycerols. Enova oil has 120 calories and 14 grams of fat=to 1tbsp.  I find it to be light in taste, doesn't interfere with my other flavors in foods. I had to give it a try, in order to share with you in truth.


Check out a product called (olestra) it is found in chips, and other snack foods. I am not familiar weither it is found in other foods???     










                                                  High Fats

                                                 High Cholesterol


                                                   Our Friends                                         



There has been proven too much of the wrong fats can be bad Fats themselves are not harmful. I found it is the amount we seemed to consume. Dietary fats are our body's main source of energy (concentrated). The kind of fats in foods is called triglycerides. Dietary fats are linked with very serious health conditions. Saturated fats are linked to high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease. Although dietary fats provide good energy, we still have to keep our fat intake low. I found that lower my fat intake has not interfered with my receiving good nutrients. The nutrients found in high fat foods can be found in other less fat choices. This is why it is important to know as much about both sides of your health conditions, the medical and the food. The fatty substance of cholesterol can block the normal flow of blood.





All fats and cholesterol are partners in crime as far as our bodies are concern. There are food related illnesses that I can not go around the medical side the information I offer would not be as understanding to you. Eat cholesterol and fatty foods with alertness and good understanding. Meats are hard to give up, so bring your servings down lower instead of 7-8 ounces a day try bring down to 6 ounces keep at lowering the amount and you will get to your gold if you keep a healthy meal planner with eating a variety of different foods this is a must in order to make that meal planner a healthy, happy one. Let my recipes books help you on the way.






Talk to your health partners and they can give you great ways to help your selves. This time last summer I was eating  9 ounces in a day of meats, 2 ounces in the a.m. 3 ounces at lunch and 4 ounces at dinner. Yes it is easy to do, because we have become accustom to eating this way. How many of us are instructed to eat an 1800 calorie diet but eat 2400 calories or more. You have to remember concentrate more on your serving sizing, rather than the calories they will come tumbling down when your servings for ach food is correct. I am eating my fat and protein from other healthy sources yes it can be done if feeling better is important enough. Nothing is impossible if the need is great enough. Go lower on meats, and some dairy products. As I mentioned earlier the medical area is not on HHS list of topics. But some time I have to cross over a little but never forgetting who the leaders in my health are my health team.








We have been told over and over eating fresh are the best, but friends, we have to do it whatever way can get it, and try very hard to do our best. Some of us have the means to eat fresh but not the way. If you have adapted a healthy meal guide you are on your way to eating for health. What about the senior that can receive produce vouchers but can not get out getting them? Let's keep it real.




The healthy person should be getting at least 25 ton30 % of our calories from fats.  

I found that the foods high in saturated are high in cholesterol also although they are totally different they are connected in many ways doing harm to certain parts of the body they are parrtners in crime If you eat out you should be alert in what you should eat look for the red heart next to items, and will lead you in the right direction.


Hydrogenated products can easily be eaten when eating out. There are healthy fats

That can be consumed in small amounts avocados, olive oil, are a few called (monounsaturated fats). A quart of oil is not needed to enjoy fried chicken. Purchase a couple non-stick skillets.  How many have heard the name of an oil called (Enova)? Look around in the supermarket yes it is a vegetable oil. Calories run medium around 1tbsp=120.  





No matter what your health condition is, if it connected to food take time to read ingredient and nutritional information before purchasing your foods. When given information concerning our diet regimen we must follow through what has been explained and told to us. If we take part in a consult, lecture or any diet instruction the gold is to take much of what has been said with us.                                                           


Keep talking and asking question with your health partners. Don't miss out on solid, and helpful information through happy, healthy, senior books the costs are reasonable and the information is awesome.

Drop me a line if you want to know more about cholesterol and fats in your meals.


So long for now...







Eating too much fats can do you harm

Having high cholesterol is all wrong

Talk to your doctors listen to what they have to say

Not listening may cause you a shorten day


Diana Darrisaw