Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw



                                      Eggs are Healthy


Most of us having cholesterol have been warned against eating egg yolks.

I eat the whole eggs in moderation, and not often. One egg offers a little more calories than a small serving of fruit. Yes, cholesterol is sky high, protein in one egg is about a trace less than a I ounce serving of your favorite met. Vitamins are quite good, Vitamin A B12, D, a little iron, and calcium. Now CHOLINE, is a nutrient essential for brain development, there is a awhile true and false in his area. I just enjoy eggs. We as older adults need more protein, and certain vitamins. I we have a tendency to eat less when older we need what we do et to be loaded with healthy nutrients.


Cutting down on your intake is my way. If you like them boiled and you boiled quite a few cool them off under cold water and ut uneaten ones in fridge right away

As a child and an adult I like my spinach garnished with chopped hard boiled eggs..

Make sure you know how many eggs you are allowed a week, I may be wrong but since eggs have so much health going on I don’t think you were taken off eggs completely.

With lutein and zeaxanthin that are great nutrients for certain eye health and Vitamin D the bone builder, B vitamins, help prevent strokes and heart attacks.


Be sure you heard the right thing, concerning eating eggs. I believe that cholesterol also needs the help of animal fats to make it dangerous. When we eat bacon, and animal meats we are collecting cholesterol and saturated fats, remembering cholesterol is not a fat, just a partner, it has it’s own description. Just think a minute how many foods just have cholesterol ?????? be familiar with them.