Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Eating For The Weather


                                Eating with the weather


Hi out there, this is my month another year older. Happy birthday to the entire Leo nation

I want to discuss with you about eating in hot weather. For all of us that are under the weather daily, we have to be extra careful of a meal planning and eating habits.

The salty junk foods shouldn’t be a part of your eating, chips, pretzels, nuts, popcorn and all the rest we enjoy nibbling on.


Yes! We will go off of the needed trail at times, but me getting back on is the most important thing for me as soon as possible. You have to be real to your self before you can do a good job in your health. No how you look at it all it is a struggle.


Eat. Cool crisp low fat and salt salads and desserts. Don’t over eat with the fruits, they are needed and are healthy but remember calories can be high inn some also sodium. Eat a variety of veggies and fruits every day; drink plenty of cool water if your condition allows it. Hot foods are welcomed just keep the gravies, sauces at a low and be sure they have no large amounts of sodium, fats, or sugars. If you are able eat small feedings, check with your health providers before changing your meals and the time of your meals if you are a DIABETC or on any SPECIAL DIET.


Don’t eat fruits, veggies only every day for a meal because it is hot. You must include in each meal, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You can have great salads and have a great healthy meal planner. The following is one of many.


Take that day before 2 ounces lean cooked meat, crispy cool salad greens, slice red onion,

One ounce slice low fat and sodium cheese, tomatoes, carrot sticks, steamed and cooled

Broccoli robs, slice lime, fresh slice nectarines.


Remember friends animal meats don’t have to be your choice every time it is meal time. Enjoy the many hard and soft cheeses, soy products, yolk free and regular eggs, fish, and other seafood’s, along with the imitation offers of sea foods.