Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Eating as aVegetarian


                                           Eating as a Vegetarian


There are four categories of vegetarian eating, are one of these for you? I have tried two.


There is the vegan that has no desire for animal foods, or any foods associated with animals.


Most dairy foods are consumed by the lacto-vegetarian exceptfor eggs.


Lacto-ovo-vegetarian eats eggs along with dairy foods, keeping animal foods away.


Semi-vegetarian follows the same diet as the lacto-ovo-diet but does eat poultry and fish once and a while.


 I now follow the semi-vegetarian diet and find it to be just great considering my less consumption of meats.

The vegetarian food pyramid is very close to the regular pyramid bread, pasta, rice, and cereal daily recommended serving is 6-11 servings daily, this is the only draw back for me because of my calorie control, and the low gluten I follow. The above groups of a veggie diet with out animal meats, should be directed very careful in replacing what is missing when animal foods are not eaten. Check with your medical team concerning B12, vitamin D, Iron. Plant foods are eaten mainly and they have iron called nonheme not absorbed in the body as well as iron from animal foods named heme. Watch out for zinc plant foods do not carry much. These are the steps that need to be taken when we make decisions to change meal planning. It is very important to make changes with the correct guidance from your partners in good health.


A vegetarian diet should not be run to until you understand all the terms you need to know to have a healthy, happy meal planner.


A dinner meal for any vegetarian group


Tofu happy blend stir fry/fluffy rice

Slice grain bread/avocado spread

Hunky nutty fruit

Cold soy raspberry milk


The recipe for stir fry and hunky nutty fruit is in the recipe and meal planning book.


If you want a snack try some silken tofu in a blender with your favorite fruit and sweetener enough if soy milk just to start the blend. Look! You have a tasty dessert, healthy and plenty happy.


My hat comes off for the vegetarian diets there is one just for you, after all it wouldn't hurt, if you first get the guidance needed and a full understanding in the diet you choose.

Remember what ever way we eat the six stars of life must be present

                          *proteins *fats


                        *minerals *vitamins


Without good balance in these you will have a fight for good health eventually. Soy is an excellent choice for the vegetarian that doesn't eat animal proteins.

Try a pudding style dessert using (light satin smooth tofu).


If you want to talk more about the vegetarian eating e-mail me.