Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Doing me

February 2015

Hi saying hello to all. Been away for the summer but never forgot about the seniorhood.

How was your warm and hot months last year, not to bad I hope. I am still giving great reports on my Gout I am happy to say. Trying real hard to get my next book out there to you all,(Salads Galore and more) having the darnest time doing it. Well let’s get to what is new to share or just go back to past topics. There is tons of information out there on eating healthy, some beware of everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Choose information that will be good for you check with your medical team and be sure it is. Beware of the quick overnight diets, just eat with portion control and be sure the foods are healthy and you will be happy in the long fight. We need actual foods this is where we get our fighting health conditions from, such as cancers, high blood, cardio, diabetes and gout. Yes they are many more these are the ones that I can comment on without wonder or error. Cancer is not in my group but it has been in many close family and friends.  Nourishment is a must the proper nutrition is a main  point that is looked over daily


When was the last time you sent a e-mail to me????

 I know the answers are NEVER. Which is ok time has a way of catching up.

Have any one had any swelling during the hot months, many did they consumed too much fluids and sodium and leisure time, yes I know. What about your glucose to high most of the time? Drinking all that sweet tasty lemonade and Ice teas you no friends I am a person to with likes and desires and I love sweet teas and sweet, sweet fresh lemonade, I just learned how to use more sugar sub and keep the liquids at a low level. With being sure that water stays up front before all, water is just as important as anything you eat that is healthy.


Pick up some of my books! Read, Learn, and Enjoy Remember Healthy Happy Seniors is what this web is all about(You and Me).                                                             


                                  Doing Me!      

We as seniors have an obligation to one another but first to our selves. If you know something is right say it is, understanding is a little hard for you to grasp say so. Every thing that contains to you should be very clear to you. If able spread your own map out and read where to go and how. So many of us are not able to do many tasks that we have done before that is ok it is a pat of living for some the climb has started for many years ago and we as the elderly have to make continue this climb until it is over. We have no control when it started and none when it will end. Fasten your set belts and take the ride weather you are ready or not.


Do you realize if we as seniors pulled what we have together in a real and determine way we could still be heard with a loud voice? Fight for senior like me and others that age willing to put time in with other seniors shut inn’s, those that need a slower feeding of information, for those that try hard to get it all together but something is still missing these seniors need that one on one time. I am only one person but willing to help and share all I can, but not heard or cared about by society.  If you are snug in the rug ok but what about your fellow seniors? The ones struggling to say healthy and happy.


There are many of the elderly that can help so much in the field of nutrition for the senior. Just simple everyday questions are needed. How to use less expensive products and still get good health. Is just the rich that should be healthy and happy? No, no, no.

As long as the giver and receiver have a phone the receivers can be helped. Hot lines are ok but when I used a few the attitudes and the please attitudes had me to hang up I uses the person got what they were aiming for a hang up. The elderly communicating with one another is awesome in every way. The younger generation cans CARE LESS.

We need to try and fight harder to have what we need. Talk to your senior friends ask them how are they understanding what is expected of them in their meal planning, is reading a food label hard for them, do they understand the terminology on the labeling, how helpful is the store managers, these questions are very important every one doesn’t have family or close friends to help them in these areas.


Many family and friends want to help but don’t understand them selves. (Recipes and Meal Planning, the senior hood books can help you very much. Showing how easy healthy meals can be put together staying in a good money range, preparation quick, tasty  and full of flavor recipes are just awesome. Find out read how and why certain terms are used, how important sodium is and what it is, why fats and cholesterol are talked about in the same breath, how to read nutrition facts on food labeling, what words used on the ingredient label that can mean sodium.


I am not being paid to run this web site; it is being run because I feel there is need for it, because there is need for my books also. This site is more than marketing for sales if you read it often you will find that out. There is always something new on this site monthly and no information is taken off, just roll down.

Let me know how you feel.

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