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Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Diana struggle with gout




Diana's Struggle with Gout


Hi, I am going to share with you some of my struggles with gout. The struggle has been long and still is, so the preface is also long. When talking about what is and isn't this is a condition that the recipient has to decide what comes first. This opinion I will keep to my self (smile).


Sacrificeshave to be made sometimes in our lives for various reasons. Decisions are not easy to come by when the subject is dear to our hearts. Knowing your own needs is important, when the decisions concern health.

We have very little choice but to do the best we can. Letting our medical team know when changes take place, and when you want to make changes.  Because something sounds good or looks good it may not be for you. So please friends confirm it to be right for you before changing your health regimen that you have been given.


With out food or some sort of nutrition life can be shortening, or malnutrition can be right around the corner. Eating according to your needs is our first step in staying well and alive. There are not many health conditions that food is not the center of attraction. To build and keep a foundation from falling one has to keep it in good shape, what ever it may be in this case it is the body.


The word gout is a word I try to avoid much as possible, it is all around us. To have the understanding what can I do to help myself with keeping the pain of gout at its lowest? There are many conditions that we as senior are going through, that's unexplainable to others that are not going through what we are. This article is very important for me to share because of what I have found is helping me with gout just might help another senior. I found the following information good for me.


What ever our battles are we have them, what we must do is to keep fighting our illnesses the best we can, every new day we awake is another chance for a better life. I don't have a certificate stating my life will be without pain, heartaches or disappointments. I feel my blessings through the pains. We are a strong gathering of people, living from the past until now and with faith and struggles until our end. As I have said often, you cannot imagine the pain unless you have been a part of it. Gout is a condition that has haunted many for decades a better tomorrow may or may not be on the way, I am fighting for relief now and will continue. I know you'll will to. I know when pain is attacking your body there isn't very much we want to hear, friends we must stay strong in every way once we give up we have nothing.

When ever an illness is brought forth (medical will always be a large part) this doesn't mean I have nothing to do, finding what the other side of this coin is which I have found out it is (food).


Always let your health team helpmakedecisions concerning health.When my doctor told me food has a part in gout flare ups I right away start letting my mind go back, as far as possible to my earlier years in food service. I am talking about 1977. I was at an institution that was over loaded with gout patients. It was our job in food service to feed patients according to the illness... After thinking and reaching back I started my own meal planner, with my doctor's permission. I know most health conditions can be helped better if the patient that is over weight would loose the right amount of weight, well that enough about weight (smile) my toes are drawing up, onlyyou can control what you eat. I keep a log and I write down certain foods and how often eaten. Yes we have to do some work (smile) in helping ourselves. I am being taken care of medically the rest is up to me.  


It was important for me to learn as much as possible about my health conditions. nereare many small areas of foods eaten that connect to gout. This is why with knowing some basics you have a chance in finding a way to minimizing flares. Yes. I know how I have been quite obedient to my diet and still have had flares, that's ok somethings get better in time, I am a great believer in this.



I have a meal planner on this sitecalled, Diana's Low Purine, Low Gluten Meal Plan on the meal planner page. If you want more information concerning gout and me, drop me a lineThis page wil lremain throughout the year and more information added as my struggle gets easier with gout. Keep reading.


Don't let the help for better understanding, motivation be cut short because of the title your sharers holds, always be ready to recognize solid information and then follow through to your health leaders. Who am I? Just a senior struggling through health conditions related to food and have seen and helped thousands go through what I am now going through in my health, I have to turn it around now on myself.


It is not costing me anything to share with other seniors our struggles and good times. It is giving me a new birth, now I can give, and give, and in return I feel out there some where I am giving another senior hope, motivation, companionship, and a reason to turn on the computer and possibility find something exciting, and brand new.


I hope the following message gives you what it gives me a better tomorrow.


Some mornings I awake with no pain

Evening falls and I am almost insane

The pain arrives with no warning

I pray for another morning

Hoping to find a pain free day

Praying that the evening, pain stays far away.


Diana Darrisaw