Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Diabetes and Me




                                                     Diabetes and Me




Diabetes is thought about by many to be a scary condition to me it is a serious condition.

Many has asked me how can you discuss your conditions so openly, why not is my answer. When you not only become one of the elderly, you think and sometime act differently things that might have been unheard of now is ok. I don't stand in crowed places, doctor offices, on corners and shout out my conditions but by the same means I don't feel shame of them and the more I express them to others the better chance they will feel less threatened with their conditions. There is millions of diabetic's right here in my city and billions and billons around this huge universe. What we need to remember daily are we as the elderly walking alone with many of our struggles. Yes family, and close friends show concern, but many I have seen either look at you with no understanding, or really do not want to hear about your medical issues. Whether you'll agree or not it is real and true to me. If I go out with any friend's  or family member I let them know 2 things, my health condition and where my medicine is card located on me, and my doctors numbers. I have been in the company of 3 of my friends to get ill away from home, no one could tell the emergency doctor anything because we didn't know anything, if we had known something it might have helped her from going into a diabetic coma almost losing her life.



Being proud is a roll we as seniors play well; it will not save a life. When I was young, secrets was a must when it came to personal data, this was all in being raised in this condition, when I developed health conditions, all of that train of thought went right out the window.


I handle my diabetes pretty well. There are certain steps that must and should be followed with this condition have a look.


Be positive in your condition


Take medications daily and same time.


Follow a meal planner that offers a variety of foods


Don't change times of meals constantly


Be strong in the proper portions in your foods.


Get blood work done when medically told.


Keep up with your blood sugar daily.


Don't follow others in their diet regimen because they are diabetic, we all have different needs.


Things come a little easier for me than the next person because I had over 35 years always involved in the diabetics meal planner. My experiences I received through the years was stored, what a blessing. I checked and wrote diabetic diets of all kind every day I worked every day in the week, month, and year. I never dreamed that I would be one day the recipient. I cannot say being a diabetic makes me fill up with joy, as long as I have it in control I can smile. I have cravings for familiar foods like many, having gout, and other conditions with diabetes there was a large amount of familiar foods I had to say good bye to. Some foods I rearranged to fit my "1700 cal/low salt/low sugar/low purine/low gluten diet. I am diabetic #2 and trying hard not to be #1. I just follow a well structured diet being very visible to the foods I eat. I don't spend extra money; I base my meal planning around the foods that are affordable for me.  Keep in close contact with your nutritionist concerning your meals, and your medical staff for everything else. Diabetes is not going to jump up one day and say bye, bye, you have to follow the proper rules and you one day may be able to be told "you can say bye, bye to diabetes".


I never was told it would be easy, but I told myself I will try and do my very best even if I slip one day, I will watch my step the next day. My conditions gave me a reason to write "The Senior Hood Struggling to stay healthy and happy" This book tells the story how it really is for me and most others.

I don't know how long diabetes will be a part of me, but this is one lady that intends to hang on until my end, and here to encourage all that read this web page that has diabetes or a family member, keep trying because it does get better in time. My spouse is a partner also I fought with him for years to do it right after a very long and blessed time, he had a another chance, now 250 and 300 blood sugar is appearing for the last 2 months at 79, 89, 120, 110, 75, with faith and trust in god and your self it can be done.

Don't disregard the truth  because you don't want to own up to the truth.


Pick up this book it will show you how to eat with pleasure when you have food related health conditions.

"Recipes and Meal Planning book has, no added sugar, fats, sodium, cholesterol, recipes for salads, soups, desserts, drinks and other tasty foods. "Condiments used are" artificial sweeteners, no salt seasonings.

No added saturated fats or high animal fats (cholesterol).


Friends be your own hero. Take advantage of this web site as much as possible, it doesn't cost a thing.