Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Cool Recipes For a Hot Day

Cool Recipes For a Hot Day



You know those HOT! days are coming and we want to stay cool.

Stay cool and put on the air conditioner

Eating something cool but tasty is just what you need.

What about a few chilled healthy drinks?

Banana Split Cooler

1 small yellow banana

½ tsp banana flavor

8 ounces low fat cold milk


Can slice peaches

2tbsp vanilla flavored low fat yogurt

Blend with milk on medium speed until fruit is incorporated

Chill and enjoy.

Kiwi Float

2 small Kiwi

8 ounces cranberry juice

4ounces ginger ale

Sweeten to taste

Add to blender on medium, chill and absorb all of these great nutrients.

If you enjoy healthy drinks that can make you feel happy, look them up in (recipes and meal planning book).

What about a cool, tasty ready to eat salad....

Chill your salad plate ahead. Cover plate with crisp mixed red and green salad leaves. Slice hard boiled egg, slice cooked turkey breast, sliced baby Swiss cheese, radishes, cooked red and black beans, sweet onion rings, and garnish with chopped stuffed olives.

Choose your favorite low fat and sodium dressing.

You have all your essential nutrients in this salad.

Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

We all know what our diet regimen is and we must practice following it. Remember removal and replacement makes a healthy meal, put some of your expertness in it and make it happy.

Melon Supreme

Cubed mixed melons

Low fat whip cream

Assorted nuts

Believe me it is good!! Chill your dessert dish early. When guests arrive, we seniors know just what to do with all of these recipes. Anyone out there who don't know e-mail me.

Friends keep picking up your copies of healthy, happy, books; you won't be sorry, just healthier and happier.