Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
Combination Meals For Combination Conditions



                                                   Combination Meals


                                                  Combination  Conditions 


We need combination meal planning when we have more then one food related condition.

People like myself having four can make planning meals a regular days work. (smile) Nothing should be impossible when you are struggling for the best in life you can get. After a short while planning this type of meal becomes not a job but an adventure into the new and exciting world of foods. You will find yourself waiting to try new recipes, and combining your favorite foods together to capture new tastes and flavors. I find it to be rewarding and exciting getting the next meals together in my mind and then actually putting it all together I haven't been disappointed yet.


The following is a meal planner of mine.


Low sugar, cholesterol, fats, sodium and gluten




Small bowl oatmeal/chopped figs

Scrambled seasoned egg whites/unsalted margarine

Gluten free toast/sugar free jam

Cold skim milk/blueberry flavor

Unsalted seasonings

Decaf coffee/low fat cream                         


Snack-fruited jell-o



Hot parsley and chicken less salt broth

Quick chili/ (made with turkey)

Nut and apple salad

Light dressing

Low sugar low fat sherbet


Snack-cold low sugar malt made with soy milk/butter nut flavoring



Baked flounder/stewed fresh tomatoes

Small baked potato/garlic unsalted margarine

Tossed green salad/light dressing

Banana peach swirl


Hot beverage


Snack- ½ cup gluten free cold cereal/cold milk


If you are struggling to cut out certain foods, then try to reduce these foods as best you can. It will be a time when you can be around sugar, salt, high fatty foods with out indulging why? You will have obtained a stronger will power against it. Fellow seniors that are in this group, me too, don't be discouraged take that energy and use it to be the best you can in planning healthy happy meals. We can not borrow, buy, or steal what we need to struggle through eating healthy it takes only our determination to do it, any other way will never stick with you for any period of time.


When we have stay away from a certain food or group of foods, I have found that the slower you draw away the chances you will dissolve them. I will agree losing the taste and desire for certain foods is not easy, it can be done but with a daily grind not once and a while. Not to give up your fight or struggles is the key in locking the door to foods against your health.


Friends so many confuse what they need by not understanding what is being said on food labels. Plan your meals keeping all of the health conditions visible, not just the one or two you fee is important. Not following the rules for one can upset the rest. Keep asking questions concerning your health until you understand thoroughly. That why your leaders in health are there for.

What you must always remember, is to follow what you have been told to the letter.


Banana peach swirl, quick chili, nut apple salad is found in the recipe meal planning book along with many other tasty choices of foods. Remember get started eating right with (healthy, happy, senior book) low in cost, high in motivation, and leadership only $5.00 s/h $2.00 more. Seven dollars for information that will carry the beginner fighting for health a very long way.  Go to the contact page and e-mail me an order a book or two one for a friend.


A Poem


How many times have we eaten the wrong foods

Said to our selves later you were a fool

You didn't need that piece of cake

The will you have stored up inside

Bring it out when temptation arrives.


By Diana Darrisaw