Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw


GOUT Doesn't Live Here Anymore!!! ... for now


How many out there has experienced pain that couldn’t be explained like GOUT?


GOUT Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (for now). This is my personal battle with GOUT. I wanted to share my long walk with gout.  I have been pain free for three years. Making changes in meal planning was my key. I will share with you what, how and why I ate certain foods. You don’t want a overnight or wee cure you want a lasting one and I was able to get it through my NEW meal planner.


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Salads Galore... and More

by Diana Harvey Darrisaw                                           

Salads will become boring after a while if you don’t eat a variety. The person with health conditions related to foods, if a salad is replacing a regular meal all necessary nutrients should be present (proteins fats, carbs) eat and enjoy just stay in your appointed diet regimen.  The condiments you choose can be your worst enemy. Antioxidants are exploding in salads galore.  You will read the high points of each salad. Why? It is great to know what the foods you eat can and will do. This is a salad book that offers over 75 choices of salads and a few surprises. Enjoy all year around salad choices all offered right here in salads galore.  Food is life.                                                                                                                



Pathways and Climbs of a Senior
by Diana Darrisaw

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A memoir from the eyes of a senior. Reflection of life's choices and how these pathways have brought a person to the summit the golden years. Everyone has a pathway to take and a climb to make. 






Recipes and Meal Planning for the Happy Healthy Senior
by Diana Darrisaw


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In writing this book it gave me extra motivation in my struggle in dealing with meal planning because of my food related illnesses. To one senior to another, the struggle in determining the healthiest way to eat can carry some stress. As you stroll through the pages of this book every recipe will hold a special need for you to start cooking. Eating is a must, and eating the proper foods to maintain good health is also. We as members of the senior hood should have the best in planning our meals, not less. Don't let what is going on now in your meals keep you from having meals full of flavors, taste, and just mouth watering goodness. Cook a meal for one two, even three, have leftovers for another day, not another month. With a good variety in foods, and portion control we can battle our illnesses and still eat great. Give High glucose levels, high blood pressure, high sodium, and cholesterol a big kick to the curb, for the sake of good health.

To understand the struggles, one has to know the struggles, and we do right?

We as the elderly have a connection in 95% of our lives, the sicknesses we share. Good sharing in ways to eat is only a turn, and a page away, come on and read why I feel happy and healthy after meals again. Let's walk hand and hand down the road to better, and  healthier  food choices, by taking  familiar foods, and changing them from unhealthy to healthy and happy.



The Senior Hood Struggling
To Stay Healthy and Happy

by Diana Darrisaw


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Hello, seniorhood. A large percentage of us are fighting to stay healthy and happy. In order to truly understand the fight for health, one has to be a part of the fight. Believe me, I am. I have found a way to be healthy and happy without stress. As you fold the pages back in this book, I hope the topics discussed will offer compassion and understanding; a time to look back for some, with a warm smile, motivation, and strength for all. The topics include diabetes, cardiovascular health and other health conditions, how eating correctly is important, and how illnesses do connect with healthy meal planning. Understanding sugars, sodium, fats, and cholesterol is also crucial. Do you understand how to read food labels? Read how a member of the seniorhood tries hard every day to turn the unhappy days around to happier ones in dealing with her illnesses. The majority of our conditions in health we share together. Are there correct and incorrect ways to eat with certain health conditions? The answers are available right inside this book. How extremely important and necessary is your medical staff? Depression in the elderly is very much alive.
We as seniors are battle fighters, so let us fight for health. We are strangers to one another, but not in our fight. Take what you read and mold it into a determination not to give up. These are our golden and silver years; they belong to us. No one else can feel what we feel or have the wonderful memories we have locked in our lives.




by Diana Darrisaw

If you have decided to follow a healthy trail in eating,
This is the book for you a booklet of 45 pages offers information that anyone needing to eat with heath in mind, and do not want to give up flavors, this is the booklet for you. Recipes shared are delicious "corn pudding", "stuffed fish", "potato soup", Diana's burger, a banana and tapioca dessert, and a few more. Being seniors we have to  be reminded often the importance of safety, you will find some good tips right here, also a small meal planner, understanding herbs, also 2 search and find puzzles. A quick bread pudding made with uneaten foods right off of your dinner plate. 
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