Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw


Diana Darrisaw, author of Recipes and Meal Planning for the Happy Healthy Senior


My name is Diana Darrisaw. I am a retired patient care food supervisor. I was a member of DMA, the Dietary Managers Association, for more than twenty years. I have national certification for supervision in patient care. I had membership in HFSS, the Hospital Food Service Society for more than ten years. Working with menu-planning with seniors for thirty-five years in the top hospitals in the Philadelphia area was the best degree I ever could have earned.


Philadelphia is my home. My professional education from Penn State and Georgia State universities prepared me for twenty-five years as a nationally certified food supervisor. I obtained membership in DMA (Dietary Managers Association) and HFSS (Hospital Food Service Society), two excellent groups fighting for continuing excellence in food service for patient care. Having the chance to work in various healthcare facilities gave me the knowledge of how varied procedures can be, but the ending is the same. Food plays a large part in healthcare, and geriatric care is important and necessary. I am proud to be a part of the blocks that are being used to build a healthier tomorrow for all seniors. Proper medications along with a healthy meal planner are partners in making our days happy and healthy.