Helping Seniors Eat Healthy
Diana Harvey Darrisaw
At The Centers


                          We cannot get Away

Being elderly for me is awesome and full of blessings. So many I loved never made it in life this far. I have a gorgeous auntie. She is 95 and truly blessed with health mentally and physically. This is a special time in our lives and no matter how you look at it, staying with you it will. Appearances can be changed often, eing a senior cannot be changed not by any human being on earth or another planet smile.

Be what and who you are is the best stand to have. This sight was set up y me for the senior hood, left wide open to all. When you use the word senior many run and hide their faces, friends that will never make it go away this is the other step in life that ALL must take.

 Many are not happy because they cannot get up and go any more, go to the places they are familiar with, see the old crowds of their youth

And many of the elderly just never stayed at home and it is harder now because they are unable to get up and go. Try finding something you enjoy doing, writing, checkers, single bingo, needle point. Art and crafts I will admit writing comes from within for many you try it you just might have the blessing smile.

We all have been given a GIFT find yours.

Talk next time. Stay up with your web site right here always remember this OUR web site.



                                    At the Centers

  How many out there go to a senior center? Yes, millions o us go to a place away from home. Something to do during the boring hours, a chance to be around others in your same time zone, I will agree there might be a few that are before you and after you what is important that communication for all can be just great. I did once go for the day to a near center which was great, but I didn’t return because I was unable, but I wasn’t missed I never was called to say what happen (smiling). I am adult to know that every place is not for everyone.


The marvelous things most centers offer is great. Friends and family members attend and for the most they have a ball. If you can attend a center and let going there give you more to add to your golden and silver years. I am going to go off the min trail some what, I want to give my opinion concerning the seniorhood and those that have been selected to help make it the best they can for us.


Since I have start writing senior books I have had no support from the seniorhood or those that lead them. The hundreds of senior care, centers, associations, and one on one conversations with seniors, department heads in political standings, neighborhood churches the list goes on and on no responds from none. It was times I was not respondent and a little hurt, but since I follow my life with god in charge I just went to him more often and start dealing his answers back, all is great now 9years of saying why?, why? No one truly cares. I believe so many did care but had no way of getting what they felt to me, and those that did possibly read what I have been saying didn’t want to lean their support. What ever the reasons are everyone that could have and didn’t, and those that had the duty make it possible for my works to be recognize only hurt your selves, or your elderly parents and love one. Health conditions will ot go away as long as there are people, they just come at various times to various people.


There are millions round the world with-Diabetes, Gout, Congestive Hearts, Arthritis