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                                                                     WE ARE STILL NEEDED.



We often say, how the time goes by it surely does. Spring will for sure find it’s way back. In my daily steps in many areas of better nutrition for the ageing I find an awful amount of us DO NOT KNOW THE BASICS IN NUTRITION CARE. It is sad to say I feel that it doesn’t have to be this way with ALL THE MANY people that are involved in nutrition care, then it also remember with  quickness, so many of us cannot get in to HELP or CONSULT. Millions are being paid for this purpose and we only ask for not even a fraction of this amount, we are RETIRED, PATIENT CARE FOOD SUPERVISORS, DIETICIANS, DIET TECHS, NUTRITION AIDES. If educated and have good experiences in this field, WHY CANT WE BE A PART?????

I take part through my books , I have accepted myself. Books on amazon.com and most book stores on line.

If you are retired and are still interested in the field like myself help to do something about it.

Talk to me on twitter and my e-mail.

JAN 2018


                                                        WHAT ABOUT US

Hi, I have been discussing us on twitter for a while it is time for me to talk one on one to you.  I hope many of you received the new senior computer this holiday season. Just because we are elderly doesn’t mean we are through.(smile) A computer keeps your company and a great learning tool on what is going on outside our homes. You just may decide to write, we have been around for quite a while and plenty to share. Many times when we become older we will follow the same routine, if you didn’t enjoy or liked a certain thing then you do not know after all is all about US.

I should be hearing from many of you contacting me on twitter this site has been around for quite a while and I set it up for US. I know there are thousands out there that are puzzled with meal planning, purchasing foods knowing what is my diet all about, how can I help m self with small and everyday questions instead of bugging the MD often asking the same questions over and over

Not to know has NO SHAME not WANTING to KNOW is.

 There is plenty of information right here on OUR site for most in the area of NUTRITION CARE.

Pick up some SEARCH FOR WORDS puzzle books that will be coming to you soon, like the CASINO? Read what I do in offering you my FANTASY CASINOS. Keep your eyes open to amazon.com

There are great new books arriving written with you my co-seniors in mind.

Latest are Eating with diabetes and Kidney disease, Healthy Happy Eating for young school ages, teens, seniors and college , Puzzle Book staying healthy, with happy, Uplifting and Spiritual puzzle Poem book

Staying warm and being sure your needs are meet through the cold months, keep in contact with family friends. Do not allow pride to keep you from being happy and safe. We all need some kind of help or awareness in our lives one time or another even the rich smile. In order to survive we do need money, remember it doesn’t solve all problems, just to know another cares, can depend on their company, good sound advice with feeling money cannot buy when it is REAL.

We as seniors MUST use our gifts more in many areas of life, instincts mainly is a major one, we can feel something is wrong or shouldn’t be and we freeze up saying or doing nothing we must use what we have in any area of our life. Please do not allow loneliness cause your hardships and hurt.

A good and caring family will help with all they have to keep you where you need to be, if not God will do the judging for them when the time comes.

Leave the busy areas and the bad areas alone, if necessary keep a partner or two at your side.





Hello, until many things get better for us this what I will say. Yes in some places in the world seniors live royal, we have to acknowledge what is going here in the state that is known to have brotherly love. We are know that only a few will admit that our experiences, Knowledge, Strength, Determinations, Experiences could help millions in various struggles they have to face every day. Money we all could use, but being a part of what is needed today is worth more, I feel if you are good enough and what you offer is needed pay day will e a part of it all.

What have most of you being doing lately? When was you last on twitter? Connect with me on twitter. There has been a computer made just for us, see if the kids will get you one I am sure they will. Stay alert in what is being said on the senior hood site, our site.

This site is for everyone that wants to be informed about solid information in nutrition and just other senior topics everyday.     


                                Let’s Help Each Other

Hello seniors, another month gone bye. For all of you that read my web site I have a short by needed message. In order for the seniorhood to stay as strong as we would have it to be we must help each other. I have books out there that was written with you in mind. Purchase them. Read. Learn and grow into the steps and necessaries you need to be a HEALTHY HAPPY SENIOR every day.

My (Healthy Happy Seniors) book was written for those that have decided to do it write in their meal planning, gives the understanding and meanings why eating healthy is necessary more than you imagine in your golden and silver years.  Have passed through the young adults and full grown adult hood this own the years that are still important to us. Contact me for now, soon you will be able to purchase the rest from your book store that will be listed.

You can become more familiar in what you must do in order to achieve good eating habits for you condition, read what your health conditions are all about in the most clear, real and motivating way. Seniors Struggling to stay healthy and happy. This book will take you where you need to go.


Recipes and Meal Planning offers great recipes nothing not needed added. Quick healthy ways to cook excellent meal planning guides.


Pathways and climbs is a book to pick up and begin to recaptures your memories of back in the days just like I have done over and over. It can be a awesome trip to back in your time especially if  it was great jumping rope, play jacks, hop scotch, blindman’s bluff, post office and of course the day you were told you can date oh boy! What a good time, high school senior prom and much. much more.

Grab a copy and read what mine was all about.


Salads Galore is the latest book fit for a queen or king, healthy happy salds of all kind, low in cost and easy in preparations. Every salad shares great information just for you in health points. Colorful pages, smoothie drinks and a couple of tasty desserts that look fatten but are healthy if eaten with portion control like everything we eat.  Having great foods but not knowing why these foods are healthy to me is sending a half message. And guess what friends I talk and explain and have a good time as I share with you how great it is to have testing parties when getting ready for your book to be made up.


Try a copy of each book which one is good for you??? Or are all them just for you?? Onlybyou have the answers.


A note for the buyers I am not planning to be a super star or rich in sharing my books, it is a hobby that I will always participate in because I enjoy very much. To make me near rich I would have to sell well over 5 to 10 million or more books and guess what seniors this is no joke.

Take care stay well talk to you again real soon







Hello out there, what about us?? How has your summer been? What all did you do?? This question would be great to receive an answer to. Here at our senior hood is the place to stop with new and exciting information concerning seniors. I had a co-senior tell me that she feels bad because she didn’t eat s much fresh veggies and fruits she should have, my response was I am guilty also. Friends when we can admit to our errors, it is a great step in getting it all right.


Hope many took the time out this summer to treat your self special in many ways. I have said often we gave all we had to our family early in our lives, some still are it is time to see about us. I have had some what of a pause in what I am trying to do, hen your responses are not what you intended in order in reaching your gold. Autumn is about to bust out all over, and this is a beautiful time of the year and my favorite, this time of year can make a depressed person jump alive (smile).  Every move we make has too be a good move, most of us time grows short each day toward moving ahead.


 Thank god each day for being a senior that has lived well and still at the age I am want to share with others the information I feel is good. What we must always remember money and wealth is good as long as we are able to have it, but you will none when going thru our last trips. What I say is not to put a damper on anyone’s life, but to express only how I feel about mine. Pick up a few of my books, sit back and not only enjoy butt educate your selves in healthy eating.

                                                  Is It True or False


Oats help to control cholesterol                        T   F


Green bell pepper are high in vitamin A            T   F


Lowering your fats and sodium can lower

The risk of heart diseases                                T   F


ADA stand for America Directs Americans          T   F


Cholesterol is fat                                              T   F


Green beans are the highest vegetable in           T   F



A good pick of a mango should be dry               T    F


Lycopene found in dairy foods                          T    F


Prunes have good soluble fiber                         T    F


Peanuts are beans                                          T    F


Store dry herbs in a damp place                      T    F


Oxalates and Kidney Stones are associated       T   F


Look over these true and false questions they can enlighten you in information that can only help you. Eating healthy takes more than being told. The more information you can get on how to stay and get healthy will benefit you.



                                                WHAT ABOUT YOU

Hi seniors,

I hope all is well out there and every ones winter hasn’t been too bad.

Whatever we went through this far in the new year things have a way of getting better.

Have you done anything new and exciting for yourself this new year ? If you haven’t, then get started. If you are able to travel see some of your own sate and city, and venture out to enjoy others.

Keep up with family and dear friends, with out them life isn’t very happy. I am blessed with three great aunties they keep my life alive in every way.

When did you go to the casino last, oh yes we have millions of us all over the world that enjoy a good day or weekend at the casino. I am glad Philly has build a few. Friends if you don’t go or uninterested in gambling don’t shun, or pout those of us that do. We here for a sort while some shorter than others and we have the given right to fill our life the way one chooses. Please give the respect that you want to others.

Are your hobbies you enjoy coming along? Hopefully you are still enjoying them to the utmost. I have just finished my fourth book and hope you will pick a copy up when the time comes. Give my other books on this web site a look at you will enjoy each one I promise.  Who doesn’t need a cook book like Recipes and Meal Planning, that can give you easy preparations. Affordable foods, with unneeded CALORIES, SALT, SUGARS, and FATS and awesome book for health at a awesome price.. The Seniorhood book tells you why eating healthy is necessary and offers information concerning things you need to know about SUGARS, FATS, AND CHOLESTEROLS. Pick up a beginners book for a friend Healthy, Happy, Senior it is small but the inside information is huge.


Keep taking care of #1.  you






I decided I well give you'll the answers to the questions concerning what do you know about you. Friends you have to not only read and discuss what you are reading

Communicating with the writer is the key, to continue to open new and exciting information just for the seniorhood. This web site is about more than selling books. There is so much needed information not being given, so that we can have a clearer and more comfortable acceptance in our staying healthy. Giving words and numbers is a way of talking, but I have found I to be know help in understanding. The more clearer, and better understanding, in what is being told I need it broken down to it's lowest form in order for me to connect in a strong and comprehensive way I am quite sure there are many that feel the same way. Help make this web site a strong one for us.


Stop! Stoop! Looking at everything with $$$$ signs, there are still people around that give from within asking no $$$ rewards I guess it is hard to believe this, at the times we live in. I am a senior just like you that has worked the best years of my life, and what I experience and saw, and learned. Sharing costs nothing; but the feeling of completeness and warmth nothing can be a substitute.


Here are the answers to the questions given a while ago (Nov2011)



                 Diabetic answers for October


Yes, no, yes, no, no. yes, yes, yes.


Cardiovascular answers in November


No, yes, no, no, no, no, yes, yes.


I am going to hold back the High Blood pressure answers

For a while (smile).




                                                What about Us



Hello and happy New Year. We are going into another year like so many. We the elderly need to pull our pants and panty hose up tighter. The extra baggage we carried in the pass needs to disappear. Friends we can not grow if we don't listen and follow given rules for our lives. Be more acceptable to new information, blocking out information that you need because hearing it is upsetting may be a hardship for you later. To receive proper care and guidance we need to be more exceptive to new technologies in health errors and information given by others.


The learning process is started and absorbed this way. If I had not taken information given and later talked it over with my medical team and researched my feeding off the mind would have long ended. All things we have or had a chance to experience I feel should be passed down to others. To take the part of a professional in a particular feel, and you are not s a path no one should take, the backfire can be oh boy! My field and profession are expressed in my books and my web site not claiming to be only who I am and was.


Let's pull the pants and panty hose up and feed the mind more and more at every chance we get. We make sure we eat for physical needs but we are forgetting the food needed for the brain

I received a few out so town messages concerning meal planning and a deeper understanding in a few words. Flavonoids, Fiber, Capsaicin, and how to cut the odor from certain foods such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts


This information will be on another January web page.

Stop being the follower with friends and family concerning your health, talk to your health care providers, and keep asking questions until you understand what is needed from you to make things better or you. Stop shaking your head up and down, knowing you have no idea what is being said. You can not take care of your self if you don't understand when visiting your health partners, or any visit that is connecting to your health and well being take some one with you that can be sure you will receive the proper information given.


Friends leave the pride at the doors when you visit areas that call for good comprehension in what is being said, speak out if you don't understand, you are entering a doctors office, or business office not a mind readers office. "Smile"


Keep the e-mails coming to me, so I know what you want to hear, and most important how you are enjoying information on our senior hood web site.    Stay warm, healthy, and happy will be there also.                                              









                                                                                    What about us


Hi out everyone that took part in the quiz on what about us web page will have to e-mail me for the answers this way I have an idea who is keeping up with web site, yeah! Quite tricky. If the responses are not good, I will later give the answers on the site. I will continue to offer the questions. This edition is for the cardiovascular crowd.


Do you know your right and wrongs as well as the diabetic group? We will see.


Is sodium and salt the same?


Is there a difference in (no added salt) and ((no salt)?


Should you use salt substitutes without your doctor's advice?


Are unsalted seasonings the same as a salt substitute?


Can a sodium restricted person drink as many sodas they want?


Is it alright to add salt while cooking but not after cooking?


Is being fluid restricted a part of a cardiovascular regimen for some?


Does sodium cause extra fluid accumulation in the body?


E-mail me for the answers. Follow the regimen given to you by your heath leaders and you will be ok.                              


I received a few new e-mails from new senor friends, what a great way to make new friends from Pittsburgh Pa and Atlanta Ga.



Florence and Ralph are having a ball being seniors in their silver years. This couple ilea

Lives in Pittsburg and have been there al of their lives. They have health related problems that calls for good meal planning with the correct foods, they stay on the go what shall they do. Florence and Ralph look, you have to sit down and make a chart when you will be away from home in solid good meal plans. You can eat the same way if you where home the only thing I have no desire for is, when you eat out often and have health issues you are taking chances with your health. Number one, how is it being prepare, what foods are being used such as salty butter or unsalted butter or margarine, has salt or sugar been added. Friends there are a lot of "I don't knows" when dining out added

My advice just try making the charts and keep up on what you are being served. Health comes first. Keep enjoying life.



Barren and Barbara Ann. This couple is home bodies and enjoying their golden senior years. Barren worked as a chef for over 50 years, and Barbara always taken care of her children and others. Barbara says Barren cuts across her in everything she cooks, and most of the time he wants condiments added that he shouldn't have, and overloads on starchy foods and meats, and he is the one with diabetes one type, I have high blood pressure and gout. Sometimes when working in a certain environment for a period of time will make you this way Barbara, but by right if your experience was great you have a right to feel in authority.


Since you was a chef you had some time dealing with making recipes for different types of diets (I guess) I know every facility isn't the same in job descriptions. Put your thinking cap on along with your doctor's orders and cook for the cause and not the desire, smile. You say you are having a problem getting the gout side of your diet together, Look at my pages on gout the way I do it on this web site it might can help print out a page and let your doctor advice you Barbara, and also look at the meal planners there is one just for you.  


Keep picking up HHS books they will show you how to eat healthy, and why it is so important that you do.


How did the diabetics make out with the quiz?

Email me and give me your answers. Don't be shy your name is not the subject, but your answers are. Listen friends this is a senior on senior web site we are in this together. My health struggles probably would make some of yours out there look like a snow flake beside a snow man (smile). The purpose for our seniorhood is to have a zone of our own, where speaking about feelings is welcomed, and to add more strength in what we know and stand for. Remember it doesn't matter how many generations you are around daily, you will always be a member of the seniorhood as far as any other generations are concern, because we are the oldest generation for now, everyone that lives has their turn to belong to our club


Fell free and special about yourselves and wantt to connect with another and another about being a senior. We have to grow in every way for ourselves, be independent of our selves. Remember because you are ill, shut-in, or like my self in a wheel chair your voices still need to be heard by any one that will listen if we don't talk there isn't any thing for anyone to listen to, come on friends lets make ourselves strong in every way. There are elderly all over the world that are in their 90's and guess what they are blessed to be still alert and they are not sitting back with close mouths. My auntie is one year from ninety, and she has it all together. If the mind is still good there isn't anything we can not do, and we must believe this. Learn the computer, get on there and explode your goals.

This web page is for anyone to tell how they feel. Share, be a part of some  else.

Stay well.




Feel free to send questions and comments   dianahhs@msn.com

Make subject-HHS













10/11                  About us


Is everyone well, and counting those many blessings?

We are coming into autumn a great time of the year! With all its beautiful colors from the leaves, autumn gives us the signs to prepare now for the upcoming weather.  Blustery winds, cold rains, and cloudy days can be easily put some  into a depression. Let's not go there!  Keep busy! Do your best to be healthy and happy and those feelings will go away with a twinkle of an eye,. Let's share the following messages from a happy and young couple from Texas, (Hanna and Bo).



Hanna says she just adores ice cream and chips. My suggestion to Hanna was to eat frozen yogurt low fat low sugar, and eat no salt chips, not no-added salt chips. Try to only have a serving. The changes we make is never completed over night, it does take time, and sometime quite a while, if I did it you can too.  It was great talking with Hanna.


Bo enjoys any meat with sweet barbeque sauce he likes the skin and fat off of certain meats.  I understood that Bo and Hanna has some conditions that are against their favorite foods. I told him to talk it over very well with his medical team, and in the same note I advised him the longer you continue to eat n this manner your health will decrease even more in time.


Try making your sauce with a sugar substitute, 1tsp honey to a pint of sauce, some fresh orange juice. The skin and fat on meat s going to be rough to get around try other lean meats and just give up on the fat and skin.



It was great talking with this happy couple full of life. We all as seniors have some gossiping to do, no sense of being shy, if you don't want your name mention along with your sharing that's just fine.

In order to grow in many things sharing is needed. Keep your health leaders in mind when making any changes in your well being.


Halloween and Mystery night is just around the corner

Listen! Put safety above all else. Don't take for granted the things you enjoyed and did long ago on theses days are still happening, they are night. If you just have to give out treats be sure some one is assisting you that is stronger, and alert. This is the time off year when all kinds of bad things has and can happen. Don't know anyone that well that you don't guard your well being. The elderly and very young are targets all year but at this time the devils will come out boldly using (masks, and other tricks).






·       Diabetics there how much do you know about your condition?  Yes or No


·       Is it a must you check your blood sugar?


·       Can you eat your meals anytime?


·       Is getting blood work when scheduled important?


·       Can you eat snack foods and candy as long as you take your meds?


·       A couple times a week is ok to take your blood sugar?


·       Should you report to your doctor if you bruise, or develop a sore?


·       Are fats as important as foods that are in the group of simple sugars?


·       Should you report to your doctor if your blood sugar is high even though you are following the correct rules?










                             What about Us      



Hi out there! Before getting started in sharing, make sure everyone is doing everything to stay cool. This weather is hot!!  Stop worrying about the electric bills, we will be fine. The only concern is us. Take advantage of the free services offered for electric fans, and other cooling equipment. We have been taking care of our families, it was great, but it's time to take care of us. This web page is to discuss the many past and present happenings that concern us. If you are looking for the" perfect" website, then I am sorry friends you stopped at the wrong site. Any words might be said in many different ways, if you like it real, you have stopped at the right stop. If you are a senior you can feel when it is real, at least I can.



We as seniors need our own place, and the feeling we can be real with each other. Seniors sharing with other seniors, yes it is a thing called senior talk. I want this page to be closer in reaching each other, using it as a good thing for the seniorhood. We need the  understanding and compassion we can get it from each other. I know my children and family loves me dearly. I also know they get tired of hearing about my arthritis, gout, and what my glucose sugar. Connection with one another through thoughts, suggestions, questions and answers is the way to feel the seniorhood. We can teach and learn from each other through this golden time in our lives. Discussing our hobbies, such as the casinos, my favorite smile card playing, bingo, and knitting, I want to hear from the men too, plastered to the TV looking at the games, although the ladies seem to enjoy them too. Let's get on board with each other. 


Let's keep our hands moving in the air for the SENIORHOOD it belongs to only us. Friends don't think for a minute no one else wants it, yes all of us want to reach this time of life if not for them but for the children and grandchildren, just like we once and still do.




A few e-mails are coming in; we will share them the next go around.