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It is exactly what it says. This site is to share and make exchanges in thoughts and opinions concerning the seniorhood. I am sharing different ways to inspire healthy eating while dealing with food-related illnesses.








 This site will help motivate, educate and offer compassion where needed. Who knows the discomfort of health conditions better than the person going through it right! Through this website great effort will be made to help one another in our nutritional intake of foods. Struggling to be healthy and happy is not an easy task; I have found it to be unreal at times. There will be recipes on this site, along with topics that we can share our opinions.













This site is more than book promotion; it is about connecting with fellow seniors. Let's all be caring, sharing, and motivating each other. We must keep doing the best we can to make our struggles fade away




Here are a few of my books that can give you what is needed to be healthy happy seniors


Pathways and Climbs of a Senior
by Diana Harvey Darrisaw


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A memoir from the eyes of a senior. Reflection of life's choices and
how these pathways have brought a person to the summit the golden years. Everyone has a pathway to take and a climb to make. 



Can be purchased at amazon.com



Recipes and Meal Planning for the Happy Healthy Senior
by Diana Darrisaw


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If you have food-related illnesses, food plays a larger part in helping the condition.  Are you unable to plan your meals with foods that you enjoy?  Are our old eating habits hard to break?  Yes, it is hard! In this book, you will discover new flavors and tasty foods you are familiar with just turned around to be made healthy. Recipes have been prepared for you in a quick, tasty style. Recipes like stuffed devil shrimp or curry soup.  As you turn the pages desserts will pop up ready to eat, warm apple rice pudding, mixed-berry shortcake,  and chocolate upset, Bountiful salads like olives/cucumber salad, nut salad, and potato salad in a shell. These are just a few. No added fats, sodium, sugar, or cholesterol is added in any HHS recipes. If cooking for 1 or 2, these recipes are designed for no more than 4. Why break down your recipes to fit your meals, HHS has done it for you. Don't dread drinking milk, enjoy it, I have shown you how. Come aboard enjoy some serious healthy eating.     

Can be purchased at amazon.com 


The Senior Hood Struggling
To Stay Healthy and Happy
by Diana Harvey Darrisaw


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The perfect book for the senior that is battling health conditions related to food.
 This book gives some understanding of how sodium, cholesterol, fats, and sugars plays is a large part of most food-related illnesses. Conditions such as diabetes, cardiac, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are food-related conditions.. Each page will offer solid information on these conditions. This book reinforces why eating correct is important. Do you know the words that mean sodium without saying the word sodium? What is a gram? Or a milligram?, How much is an ounce in liquid form? In order to help oneself, some understanding is a must. My prior book "Recipes and Meal Planning" actually shows you how.  Foods and medicines are just like a marriage, you need both in order to make it right.

Can be purchased at amazon.com 



Diana Darrisaw
If you have decided to follow a healthy trail in eating, This is the book for you a booklet of 45 pages offers information that anyone needing to eat with health in mind, and do not want to give up flavors, this is the booklet for you. Recipes shared are delicious "corn pudding", "stuffed fish", "potato soup", Diana's burger, banana and tapioca dessert, and a few more. Being seniors we have to be reminded often the importance of safety, you will find some good tips right here, also a small meal planner, understanding herbs, also 2 search and find puzzles. A quick bread pudding made with uneaten foods right off of your dinner plate.
Healthy, Happy, Senior Book, can only be purchased from HHS .
To contact for purchase dianahhs@msn.com(make subject-HHS)

  Re issue coming  SOON!